Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Blob in a bottle

It's a bit nippy outside at the moment. 
Just on freezing point so good soup weather.
Usually I make homemade vegetable soup
from whatever veges I have on hand and a bought base.
But sometimes we have it out of a packet
especially if it is at lunch time.

And depending on what's at hand
 we have toast or cheese rolls or scones to go with it.
These scones were made by my GKB and they were delicious.
This was my lunch today, yum.

As I was cooking tea tonight I had a text from youngest daughter. 
"The boards are on display between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight".
The 'boards' referred to the science fair competition at our grandsons school
and I had a grandson with a board on show. 
So of course I had to go to have a look.
Tea was quickly cooked, eaten and cleared up 
and I was on the road just after 5:30pm
leaving my GKB to get ready for his night out at darts.
I can't believe how dark it was, so early,
 but of course we have just passed the shortest day and
so it was to be expected really. It's a long time since I've driven at night,
not since I finished work when I drove home in the dark regularly. 

I pulled up outside the school at the same time as daughter and the kids.
We were quite early but one or two people were there ahead of us. 
More arrived as the hour passed.
It was all set up in the hall  and there were
 some quite impressive experiments on display.

Some of the kids had interactive displays but most were 
boards like Jack's with photo's and explanations of what they had done.
Very impressive for years 7 & 8 I thought.
Jack's experiment didn't go through for the big inter-school 
competition but I thought he did very well and am a proud Granma.

Keep well until next week,


  1. I love science fairs.
    Your grandson project looks wonderful.
    Your having freezing weather and my weather is about 110.
    That is quite a difference.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. You are a good nana to get out in the cold weather to cheer your grandson on!! It is supposed to be 105 here today so I may just think of Australia to keep cool!!

  3. I always giggle when I read about your nippy temperatures while we're sweltering in the heat here! Winter there....Summer here. How funny. I remember those science displays. I helped my children with theirs. Your grandson's looks quite well done. Blessings

  4. I know you were very proud! Hard to believe how cold it is where you are when we are struggling with heat!

  5. Oh your scones look delicious! And I am so curious what the blog was in the bottle!

  6. My dear Diane, your scones look absolutely delicious! And how sweet of you to be out in the cold cheering your grandson on :) Hugs to you!

  7. Oh those scones look so very good.
    Seems funny to hear you talk about the shortest day when it was the longest day over on this side of the world. : )

  8. Such a special event!! How wonderful to see your grands display board and done so well. Your scones looked delicious. Happy weekend.

  9. Dearest Diana; Oh, you have great grandchildren,my friend♪ And how wonderful you have such lovely connection with them♡♡♡ Great event and I LOVE to try your scones :-)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in New Zealand, xoxo Miyako*

  10. Good Grammie : ) So hard to leave a warm cozy house on a cold dark night for Us Grammies.So glad to hear You enjoyed the evening and got back to Your GKB safely. Hugs across the Sea-Denise

  11. Good Grammie : ) So hard to leave a warm cozy house on a cold dark night for Us Grammies.So glad to hear You enjoyed the evening and got back to Your GKB safely. Hugs across the Sea-Denise

  12. Well done Jack! You are now in my favourite time of year where the nights are dark and all cozy. We are about to have a heatwave and just had the longest day. I always depress people now by saying the nights are drawing in :-) xx


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