Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Extremely loosely connected stuff...

Life has been very quiet of late and there I was last night
 lying in bed thinking that as soon as I get to the end 
of this chapter I'd turn the light off.
Then in the distance I heard a rumble then a bang and an earthquake hit. 
By the time I slammed my book shut and commented  that
'this is an earthquake' and my GKB replied
'I think you're right " it was all over.
No time to leap (it's amazing how fast you can move when you have to) out of bed
and go into earthquake mode because it was all over in about 10 seconds. 
So we lay there for a few minutes waiting to see if  there were going to be any more.
There weren't, but eldest daughter rang to check in and have a chat.
She was home alone with 2 teenagers and just wanted a bit of reassurance. 
It was centred only about 10 miles away as the crow flies and quite shallow
so it was quite a jolt and gave a lot of people a fright. 
Youngest daughter's youngsters slept through it 
but the teenager was on the phone to her boyfriend at the time.
She hung with her mother and father for a wee while after that.

What have feijoas got to do with an earthquake you may ask.
Not a lot but the tree next door that hangs over our fence 
is absolutely laden this year and so when I went out this morning
 there were quite a few windfalls lying about.
But I rather think they were 'quake falls this time. 
Never mind, I still harvested them and have a nice little bowl full.

Now for something completely different.
I just bought this painting of the butterfly about a week ago.
I had been eyeing up another painting for several weeks which was much more
abstract but had all the same bright colours. 
They go well in our lounge.
But when I showed my first pick to my GKB he wasn't terribly impressed. 
He pointed out a butterfly painting that he quite liked
 but it wasn't anything like what I was wanting.
 Then a couple of weeks later we came across this colourful butterfly, 
the colours I wanted with the not quite so abstract picture he wanted. 
A nice compromise.
And ... it was a fraction of the price of the original one.

And talking about butterflies, youngest grand daughter 
is going to her school formal in a couple of weeks.
Her mother arrived over today with her dress which is now hanging in a wardrobe here.
They have 4 cats at the moment and she didn't want to take the risk of them
(2 are kittens) using the dress for climbing practise.
It's rather lovely on her and later I hope I can show 
you a photo of her all dollied up ready to go out with her beau.

And this is just another random picture I took 
in an ice cream shop while we were up at the caravan a while ago.
The walls on the left of the house are all lined
 with small cubby holes filled with jars of lollies. 
It's quite a delightful little gingerbread house.

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  1. Hi Diana, Just once in my 57 years have I heard/felt an earthquake. (Georgia USA) It was very frightening! Glad you and yours are safe. I was not familiar with the feijoas, so I just read about it on google and saw a photo of the hedge....says the birds are attracted to the plant. I have many butterfly items in our home and your new painting is really stunning and a good compromise for you and your husband. I look forward to photos of your granddaughter in her lovely prom dress. The gingerbread house is a cute idea and I imagine the children LOVE it! Wishing you a nice week.

  2. Well that was a shake up of a blog ;-) if you'll pardon the horrible pun, but as always, a lovely interesting blog. What a lovely family you have.

    We had an earth tremor here in Ireland in 1984, I was pregnant on eldest daughter at the time and wasn't sure if she had delivered a massive kick or what was going on. Thankfully we're not on any fault lines, but with the way the weather is going and all these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, something in in the offing. Hope the granddaughter has a fabulous time time at the formal, she'll be the belle of the ball anyhow in that dress. X

  3. I have never encountered an earthquake, but it must have been a little unnerving, especially being in bed, ready for sleep. Glad you are ok tho. Such a lovely photo of the butterfly, and the dress your granddaughter will wear. Please do show it to us on her. The little gingerbread house is quite fun I am sure. Have a great day!

  4. The butterfly painting is gorgeous! I'm glad you are ok too...very scary to have your world shake. Have a good week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  5. Nice post today, except for the earthquake part.

    cheers, parsnp

  6. Glad to hear the earthquake wasn't a big one. I've been in a couple mild ones myself.
    Love that color blue on the dress and with just a touch of black. Very pretty.

  7. Quite a hodge podge of things here- from earthquakes to lollies! I'm so glad that the earthquake was a small one. That would be scary. Your grand daughter's dress is lovely. A very pretty blue.

  8. What a way to start your post! As a native Californian I'm all too familiar with these night (and day time) shakes. They still keep me on my toes though. Your granddaughter's dress is so pretty with the black floral design. Hope she has a wonderful time at the dance.

  9. What a fright. Glad all is well!

  10. This was a fun read! Although I am sure the earthquake was not fun! Glad you are all okay.

  11. Good day, sweet Diana! Oh my, an earthquake! I have never felt an earthquake so I honestly have no idea what it's like..... I'm glad you are well, my dear.

    Thank you for linking up with Roses of Inspiration. It's always a joy to have you at the party. Hugs!

  12. We had an earthquake here a few years ago and it was quite scary, woke us up from a deep sleep and we had a few things fall off the walls, but nothing since then, I think they aren't that common in this area

  13. Hi Diana, so glad the earthquake wasn't any worse and all is okay. It can very scary at the moment. Your butterfly painting is beautiful. Your grands dress is gorgeous and I love the color.
    Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  14. What an experience with the earthquake. I wonder where you are located ... I think you are in New Zealand, but which island? Neat post!

    1. Yes, you're right. I'm just out of Dunedin, on the east coast of the South Island. Not really earthquake country.

  15. My goodness that earthquake must have been very scary! Glad it didn't come to much!
    I've never even heard of that fruit before, I'm wondering what it is like!
    I love your butterfly picture - such lovely colours.
    And your granddaughters dress is really beautiful I love that shade of blue.:)

  16. Diana, earthquakes come on all of a sudden, it seems by the time we realize it, they are over! I am glad that you all are alright. I am not familiar with that fruit. Is the whole fruit edible? Your butterfly is so cheerful and that blue dress is a lovely shade!

  17. So glad you just had a mild quake Diana...I always enjoy the blog posts about random thoughts. Maybe it is the way my mind works. The Fruit that you pictured, what are those? They look rather like kiwis but not like the kiwis we have here in the states. I love learning about the flora and fauna of far away places. Thanks for sharing your life with us!!


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