Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Still 'heading to the caravan'

Last time I wrote about the trail to the caravan 
I think I left you at Ettrick in apple and pear country, 
where we had just had scones and coffee for morning tea.

Drive up the road for just quarter of an hour  and we come
 to the hydro town of Roxburgh in the Teviot Valley.
 This was once a thriving gold field town 
but now has only a small population of approx 750.
If we are leaving home a bit later we usually drive on to Roxburgh for a bite of lunch at one of the local tearooms. 
Like Lawrence it has become a service town and 
a stop for tourists, so has quite a few cafes 
and one or two boutique style shops.

Next door to the tearooms is a little shop I like to go into and browse (ahem). They have some beautiful stuff and I have been known to part with my money and come out with something 
that I like but don't necessarily need. 
Like Christmas decorations in May. Oh well.

The dam was built in the 1950's and is reputably 
a great place for trout and salmon fishing, 
although my GKB has never stopped to find out. 

Back in the car and now we don't stop until 
we get to Alexandra where we sometimes
 stop off to buy a few groceries. This was another major 
gold mining area and has a great museum of the era.
My grandparents were up here in the early 1900's as young marrieds and I remember my grandmother talking 
about the bitterly cold winters and the ground 
being frozen solid to a depth of 3 feet for months on end.

The land in the Teviot and Alexandra areas
 is so dry and barren and I always feel sorry
 for the pioneer women who first came through here.

The clock on the hill was a great marvel when it was first put up, and you can drive up to it and have a great view over the town.
The Clutha river passes through the town, flows on  down to Roxburgh, and has the most volume of water
 in any river in the country. I love the beautiful colour it is. Someone once described it as being turquoise and 
on a good day it is. You can't tell from my photo though.

We're nearly at our destination now but first a detour into Clyde.
This is where my GKB and I sometimes come to buy an ice cream and sit and just be. It is a sleepy little place apart from when it has it's wine and food festival. This is orchard country, stone fruit, with the odd vineyard thrown in for good measure.

A lot of the orginal buildings are still in use, 
like the hotel in the picture above. 
The city fathers have done a good job of 
preserving the historical feel of the old town while there
are also a lot of new homes being built on the outskirts.

Oh, did I mention this is where My GKB and I were married?
In a little stone church just around the corner
 from this street above.
I have a photo of the church, taken just recently,
 but do you think I can find it? No.

Now up the hill, past the Clyde dam and into the gorge. 
Twenty minutes driving beside Lake Dunstan 
and we arrive at our destination. Cromwell.

Set the caravan up, make a coffee and relax.
Orchards, vineyards and the lake on the doorstep 
and only an hour or two driving gets you to
 most of the southern tourist spots if you want to go.
What more do you need?

Well, I hope you've enjoyed your little trip through the gold towns. 
We always do.

Have a good week,


  1. Hi Diane. Such an interesting tour you have given us, and I love all the photos. Fancy you and hubby being married there. Happy memories, I'm sure. It really does sound like a very relaxing trip, and a lovely way to do it with the caravan, so that you can just stop wherever the fancy takes you. Hope all is well over there.

  2. I do love these little trips, Diana. They give a real insight into your 'place!' Thank you! Xxx

  3. Hi Diana! What a nice trip you've had and thanks for taking me along with you! Lovely pictures too. It's so much fun to just go where the roads leads you and stop at all the little sights along the way.
    It's alws so nice to see a comment from you.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Dearest Diana;
    Oh, I enjoyed the caravan trip with your wonderful pictures of your country♡♡♡
    First picture with people of mining and the Clyde looks really beautiful place to make a detour♪ Cromwell looks SO beautiful I wish I could visit, my friend.
    Sending lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in New Zealand, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Diana,
    Thank you for letting me escape with you for a few minutes while my baby sleeps. Those were amazing pictures.
    I wish I could take a trip soon Oh well one can dream right?

  6. Great photos..yes..come for breakfast ANY time !!

  7. What a lovely blog; and the pictures are beautiful. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for the birthday wishes and also your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. I'll be back to enjoy more of your blogs. IE.

  8. What a lovely vacation,how nice for the two of You.That's what I love doing too.Thank You for taking Us on Your travel log.

  9. Oh I did enjoy your trip - you have some lovely countryside there. I love the river Clutha it is so pretty. I hope you enjoy your time away :))


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