Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mardi-gras, Outram style

Last Friday I went with my GKB to the mardi-gras.
No, not the big one held each year in New Orleans.
This was just the name given by a local school
 to its annual fundraiser. We'd never been before so
 were looking forward to it.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny evening 
and hundreds of people turned out to enjoy it.
We weren't sure whether there was to be a parade or not, 
we never saw one, but there were lots of little fairies  
and pirates wandering around along with other storybook characters. Mostly the junior school littlies.

There was a fairy grotto and a pirate booth, horse rides for the kids and lots of stalls with very cheap 'stuff' to tempt 
the rest of us to part with our money. We succumbed.
Lots of food stalls with prices ranging from $2-00 to $8-00 depending on what you wanted to eat. 
We bought a nice tea for both of us along with a hot coffee 
and sat and listened to a jazz trio (what else at mardi-gras?)
while we ate it, one of four or five bands playing 
during the course of the evening.

Of course with it being a (nearly) country school there were all sorts of farm animals there...including this wee lass. 

Or perhaps I should say, this big girl. I think her name was Bess.
As you can see she had a pretty full udder and the farmer was letting people have a go at milking her. She was so patient.
Most of us didn't have a clue as to what we were doing.
I say we, because I had a try.
 I thought why not, here's your chance to do something you've always wondered about. 

So this is a picture of me, trying to milk a cow. It's not as easy as you might think and I probably managed to squirt about 1/2 teaspoon into the jug. As I said she was so patient, with kids of all ages and sizes having a go. Every now and then the farmer milked her properly, just to relieve her I imagine.
He made it look so easy!

Next year we will probably go back, 
it was a very pleasant way to fill in a warm autumn evening.

Well that's it for another few days.
Stay well till next time.


  1. Hallo Diana. I should imagine it WAS quite hard to milk a cow. The farmers make it look so easy, don't they?! Always good to see a post pop up from you, and I enjoyed the photos today. I just love these kind of events. Just mooching around in the sunshine and stopping to listen to live music. I'm sure they raised lots of money. Spring is just about to appear over here, I'm glad to say. Life is good! :)

  2. Oh Diana what fun.It all does look like a lovely evening.I also would have enjoyed it.Thank You for visiting Me-I'm glad I came by-Hugs Denise

  3. Good on you Diana for having a go! Bess is certainly a very gentle and passive cow!
    Local school fetes are such good fun and they raise much needed funds for sure.
    A lovely day and enjoyable pics!

  4. Dearest Diana;
    Oh, what a fun event "the mardi-gras"♡♡♡ And looks lively under the wonderful weather; different atmosphere from ours♪♪♪ Farm animals are so cute, aren't they :-) To milk a cow sounds not easy job; happy for your wonderful time out(^_^)v

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Looks like a fun way to spend a day. I've never milked a cow either...don't think I ever will. Good for you for doing something new.

  6. Well that looks like it was a fun day for everyone. Well done on having a shot of milking Bess, I can't imagine it was easy. :))

  7. What great shots of a fun day out. This is really making me yearn for Saturday when I go to the first craft fair of the year for me! There won't be any cows there though but it would be fun to try and milk one! Take care xx


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