Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bits and pieces

I have been doing something this week 
that I haven't done for about 40 years.
I've been sewing!
I had to borrow eldest daughters' sewing machine, 
mine is sitting rusty in the garage.

It was so nice to use , nice and smooth to sew with.
Unlike mine that used to sound a bit 
like a freight train coming up the passage.
I'm almost tempted to start sewing again.
What was I making?
Squab covers for the caravan.
By the time I got to the last one 
I had it down to a fine art.
Well almost. No they're not perfect
 but I'm quite pleased with my effort.

I've also had my 'hair done today. 
It is very straight and fine and hard to do anything with.
So I decided to get a colour put in it instead.
I loved it when Helen Mirren went pink, 
but I wasn't game enough to have it done all over.
So we decided on a "smudge" in the front.

It took two or three goes to get the colour right
 but we think we've got it nailed now.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the caravan 
for a week or so - unless the weather packs up.
Our summer hasn't been terrific, 
but I am not complaining when I see 
what is happening in other parts of the world,
what with the flooding in England, the snow in 
America and the bush fires in Aussie.
So what's a little wind.

We have been extremely lucky we have just had wind,
 even if it has been pretty non stop for months.
So we will head off in the morning, 
both our daughters will drop in
 and have turns at feeding Claude over the week
 and all going well my GKB will have enough 
fine weather to catch a fish or two.
I just enjoy getting away for a while.

P.S. Claude has just discovered beds, couches and easy chairs after 14 years, and he rather likes them. Woe betide if I should lift my backside off  my seat, apparently they're more comfortable if someone has been kind enough to warm them for you.

So on that note I will leave you
and see you when I get back.


  1. Diana, you have made me smile! Hurrah for sewing AND pink hair!!! Hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather treats you well. X

  2. Oh good , I will ask you a question---not sure if you will be able to be online while camping??? But how do you do the pink hair. I was thinking about this at hem....because a lady who often sits in front of me will have a small thin braid of a purple, or pink etc color. It is her hair and not something added. Actually my neighbor also sports different colors like that---I have never asked any one. So tell me how it is done.....I suppose I could google it. I am just curious. I hope you have a grand time and catch fish. We used to get a lot of wind when I lived in Oklahoma---it was always blowing. Guess what? We may get some snow here in SC not far from the beach on Tuesday night!! I would like to see a bit!

  3. Hi Diana. Good for you in going with the pink hair. Great! Yes, we have lots of flood warnings down here in Devon, and it just won't stop raining ;( I hope you enjoy your caravan trip.

  4. Isn't that amazing Diana, I've just had my 28 year old sewing machine fixed and am about to embark on some sewing myself.
    You go girl - love that pink! and enjoy your get-away!

  5. Sewing is the greatest therapy - a wonderful way to design and create. And I love the pink! -- Jan

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  7. Dearest Diana;
    Oh, I'm SO bad at sewing and hated when my husband ask me to sew something for him p;)
    Love your pink hair, very stylish♡♡♡  I hope you have a lovely trip, my friend.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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