Saturday, 26 February 2011

KIA KAHA Christchurch

It hasn't been a good week for our little country. The earthquake in Christchurch has been so devastating for so many families. Day five after the quake today and it was hard to look at it on the telly, and to see the devastation and then to hear the names and see the photo's of peoples loved ones who had died (especially the babies and the young people) - too much to cope with. Then to open the paper to be confronted by the pages of news and photo's, I just had to flick through and I'll go back again later in the weekend and read it. It's too emotional. Then there is the guilty feeling you are left with because you can't bear to watch it, but the folk in Christchurch have to live through it whether they want to or not, they can't just turn it off as if it were a bad movie. Of course there are the good luck stories and the lovely wedding that took place on Friday, of one of the girls who was rescued from a trashed building. And it was heartening to see the rescues in the first couple of days, but it seems a long time waiting now. Praise God for all the help from the international community, it is so good to see the solidarity when distaster strikes, we can't thank them enough, these wonderful men and women who have put themselves at our disposal. My heart goes out to everyone who has loved ones missing, from Christchurch, from New Zealand and from countries all around the world. Our own family has been extremely lucky, everyone accounted for and well, praise God. Kia Kaha Christchurch - Stand strong -the rest of the country stands with you and you will prevail. Kia Kaha!!

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