Monday, 14 March 2011

...a bit of a jumble...

A few weeks on and another devastating earthquake, this time near Japan, followed by a dreadful tsunami. It is so heartbreaking to watch it as it happens. And now the threat of nuclear contamination of the atmosphere...but number one son and his beautiful wife are safe in the southern part of the country, thank God. We had a good long chat with them this evening before he had to go back to work. All I can do is continue to send my prayers up to our mighty God and Creator.
Youngest daughter has come and borrowed 'the bike' because she wants to lose some weight. I think it now resides in her bedroom. As for me I still don't have a set of wheels of any kind and so I am pounding the pavement as well as walking the banks of the Silverstream occasionally. I found out to my dismay that my sneakers have sprung a leak a couple of days ago, got very wet feet while walking after the rain. Still haven't got around to buying a decent pair of walking shoes. Sis has also informed me that her daughter will be accompanying us on our walk on the rail trail and is doing some training - she is a phys ed teacher!!
Earlier in the season I planted some sunflower seeds and now they are all through and towering over me, they must be about 8 foot tall, but they are all looking over the back fence into the neighbours yard. Following the sun, I'd like to follow the sun myself. I'll have to think of somewhere else to put them next year. The spring bulbs are poking through the ground, I think it must be the jonquils as they seem to come up quite early, I wonder whether they shouldn't really be called winter bulbs because they flower during the winter. I should get some crocuses to go with them...autumn is here bringing some lovely sunny days but cool mornings, winter is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to seeing the autumn colours on the trees.

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  1. It's great the everyone in Japan are safe and well. A HUGE relief. I love your walk and sounds like you'll all have a fantastic time.


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