Thursday, 4 January 2018

Time for a round up

Well, what has been happening in the last few weeks? Not a lot really (apart from Christmas of course) and I have to admit I am enjoying just relaxing before the year gets back into full swing.
Christmas Day found us over at number one son's home with all the family. The only one missing was eldest grand daughter who was on holiday with her fiancee ... but we'll let them off this year :)
After we had eaten the main course we exchanged the presents.

This is always a fun time and usually the youngest child gives 
them out. This year though he thought he was far too old for 
that, being the grand old age of 11, so number one son did the honours.

  After this we had our desserts - the mains had had plenty of time to settle. Below are DIL and eldest grandson rolling the ice cream.
They are the family foodies :)

Yes, he has a cigarette in his mouth. No it is not lit.

 DIL had been worried there wouldn't be enough food, she had never done what I suppose is a 'pot luck' Christmas dinner before but this is our normal. All in all we had a lovely Christmas with everyone. And there was more than enough food!
New Year's eve was spent at home and we were in bed before midnight but listening to the countdown on the radio. 

I have started going out for walks again, and no this is not a New Year's resolution. I was relaxing in the bath one evening between Christmas and New Year and thought to myself that I would start going out walking 'next week sometime'. But I decided to start straight away, the excess weight convinced me :(  So I am pleased to say I have been out walking every evening since and so far am enjoying it. 

Eldest daughter gave us some freshly picked peas and
 broad beans a couple of days ago so I spent a very pleasant hour sitting under the sun umbrella in the back yard yesterday 
morning shelling and podding them before the day got too hot.
And yes, there are enough left for the pot :)

And of course we had a super moon a night or two back and it was quite spectacular. Not long after my GKB took this the sky clouded over, which often seems to happen with these super moons in our neck of the woods. This is the best one we have seen.

Anyway, that's my round up for now, 
I'll see you all again next time.

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  1. Love this "round up" great to see that you celebrate Christmas and New Year's in your part of the world just like we do!! Looks like a great time with family. The walks are a great way to start the New Year, and to feel better almost right away!! I love our daily walks. It's been cold and rainy here this past week so we have missed them...time to get back into the routine now that the holidays are over. Thank you for sharing your life with us!! God bless you!!

  2. Lovely photos of the family get together, good memories made too I'm sure☺ I am usually the'santa'when it comes to handing out the gifts especially as the boys think they are are too grown up now!

  3. Diana, shorts at Christmas just doesn't seem You probably think cold weather at Christmas is just wrong as well. We have had frigid temps here and it even snowed in Savannah Ga for the first time in 30 years. Can I come and stay with you for a while??? Those warm temps and walks outside sound very appealing. So glad you had a good holiday season. Like you I am back to walking and eating better now that the celebrations are complete.

  4. Looks like fun was had by all!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time together! Family is such a dear blessing! God bless you and your family and little mother in the New Year!!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. : )
    Good that you've started walking again. I have been missing my morning walks because of the very cold. I just don't feel right when I miss my walk!!


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