Thursday, 18 January 2018

A family barbie

We've had some high temperatures this past week, 
touching on 40 C. Just a little bit hot for us southerners. 
It has cooled down somewhat today with a bit of rain
 but not enough to do much for the ground or gardens.
But before that sort of heat set in we managed to have 
a barbecue over at our son's home last weekend. 

Getting the fire started, one to light and several supervisors. 
Son in law hadn't arrived yet so couldn't stand there with 
the others giving helpful, or not, advice :)
The pohutokawa (red flowering tree) in the
 background was beautiful, in full bloom.

Daughter in law and visitors from Japan - they haven't 
cottoned on yet that the blokes do the cooking 
and the girls leave them to it. I can see there is some 
educating to be done. But never mind, 
the food was delicious.

Relaxing on the deck. Youngest daughter and her 
 hubby came over too. Our eldest daughter was away  
for the weekend so couldn't make it, and as it is school 
holidays the kids were away doing what kids do with 
their mates during the summer.

Later we adjourned to the garage to play pool and darts 
and as our new Japanese friend had just celebrated
a birthday we had a birthday cake for her
 much to her surprise and pleasure.

Brother and sister facing off. He has just knocked her
 off the table, up until then she had taken on all comers
 and won. Oh dear :) I didn't realise I'd caught them like this 
until I saw the photo and it just looks so funny.

Well that's it for this week.
See you next time.
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  1. Snowing here! It's good to see nice, warm pictures.

  2. Nice warm day.. here it is neither raining, nor it is cold.. past few weeks the thick cloud is hovering over us, without rain.. don't like the weather at all..

  3. This seems like great fun ! Barbecue and cake, yes please !
    We are finally getting some "winter" here. Had some rain and now some hot days again. We need the rain and snow or it will be another summer of fires.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  4. Seems you had great time. Yummy cake and delicious barbecue with warm day.

  5. I had heard of the record heat there and I thought of you Diana. Weather is crazy everywhere it seems. I love seeing pictures of family and friends enjoying a good time.

  6. I'd love to be at a barbecue right now.
    Here we have been -6C most days and 40 sounds pretty good sometimes but only sometimes!
    I hope your weather cools down.

  7. Family barbecue's are the best! Nice to catch up with everyone over a nice meal and a cool drink. Cute photos - stay cool! xx Karen

  8. I love family parties!! Looks like a great time was had by everyone!

  9. LOOks like a wonderful time together!! Thank you for sharing this with us. It won't be long before we'll be having our BBQ's in Florida we pretty much can have them year round if we want to...but lately it's been a bit chilly to sit outside for long. But it's the family camaraderie that is the most important...inside or out!! Thank you for sharing with us.


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