Friday, 6 January 2017

Simplify...and remember to water it

Well 2017 is here. Do you make New Years resolutions? I don't any more as I'm not very good at keeping them. One thing I have decided though is to go back to the gym for a few months as I have put on quite a bit of weight and can't seem to move it. Christmas fare hasn't helped either. The trouble is when I went down to rejoin they were closed, come back in half an hour. I haven't got back yet. 

I also have a word for 2017. I know quite a few people have a different word for each year but this is the first time I have had one. And only because it chose me, I didn't choose it. It kept popping into my head after I had been feeling overwhelmed by the things that had been happening in my life. What is the word? 
Isn't it a good one? It suits where I'm at perfectly. 
Now to put it into practice :)

One of the gifts I was given for Christmas was this hanging basket. It doesn't look too bad in the photo but I'm sorry to say it has had a bit of a battering. When my daughter gave it to me she said, 'perhaps you shouldn't hang it Mum, if it's on the step you might remember to water it'. She knows me well. So I left it on the step, remembering to water it as it has been very windy and everything is drying out. 

Well, one night the wind really came up strong and when I went out in the morning the basket was gone. Oh dear. It had blown off the step and was lying on it's side on the grass. It wasn't too bad, a couple of the flowers had broken off but it was mostly intact. That night gale force winds were forecast so we moved it into the porch where we thought it would be well sheltered. Next morning we found it had been blown over again and was looking a little the worse for wear. I put it all back together but we decided the best place for it might be on a hook, somewhere I couldn't miss it and so it is hanging just outside the front door. Now all I have to do is  remember to water it!



  1. That is a great word Diana!! I am trying to implement that as well. I tend to over do in decorating etc. I need to get rid of some "stuff". And I am back at my walking as my surgery and the holidays caused me to put on a few pounds as well.

  2. I love your word! just feels good to say.

    Glad you were able to rescue the plant! :)

  3. I think "simplify" could have been my word for 2016! I did a lot of household purging. Looking around I think I may have to start into that again. Good thing you were able to save your gifted plant. I tend to forget to water the plants I bring inside for winter. Why I don't know, they're RIGHT THERE! Happy New Year!

  4. I have had to do a lot of 'simplifying' lately, but still need to do more.

  5. Simplify is a good word. I've tried to do something to simplify our lifestyle, but it's not easy and hope I have the energy this year to do more. Glad you were able to rescue your plant.

  6. I love your word, Diana!! It is something my family and I have been seeking for the past few years, and oh, my, it has made SUCH a positive difference in our lives! What a blessing to let go of things and obligations and clutter in our lives, and to just seek and strive for simplicity. I believe it is the way Jesus lived, and it is the way I want to live, too. God bless you in this new year!

  7. There are quite a few people who pick a word for the year. I haven't done it though. You've picked a good word that's for sure.
    That poor plant has been through a lot. : )

  8. What a lovely basket of flowers! I do hope it will survive! I am not good about keeping them watered plants have to thrive on neglect or forget it! I pray for you as you SIMPLIFY your life this year! Will be watching to see how you do that! I need to do it badly!!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  9. Diana, Happy New Year. I love the word SIMPLIFY! Something I need to remember too - not just material things but my worries as well. Your flowers are very pretty!

  10. Happy new year! Simplify is a great word; that is what I'm trying to do this year! That's a pretty flower basket. I hope it flourishes.

  11. Wishing you a happy new year ahead! I too take resolutions every year but i find out difficult to keep it up. This year same like you i have decided to put on my weight.

    I love the word "Simplify" which will make our life to be happy. No use of making our life complicated:)


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