Saturday, 3 December 2016

Flowers, outside and in.

 We've had a bit of wind so this is how my foxgloves ended up :(
almost flat but still quite pretty. I know some people consider them a weed but I like them. You just have to get them out of the ground before they throw all of their seeds.

Blurred, but this is a bee gathering nectar
 in the cup of one of the foxgloves.

A lovely Japanese iris.

And this is a elegant bearded iris, knocked off it's stalk when the boys were kicking a ball around.

A couple of peonies cut from the garden after 
the wind had knocked them around.

And all that remains of a bunch of roses one of my neighbours 
gave my little mother. A pretty, delicate pink colour.

Since Mum has had the stent put in her health has improved immensely. So much so that she has decided to go home while she waits for her main operation date. I will check on her daily, she is only 5 miniutes away and my brother is even closer to her. I think she will cope okay as long as she doesn't try to do too much. Thank you for all your prayers and care, we appreciate it very much.


  1. So glad Little Mother is feeling better. She will be a dynamo once she is completed with her surgery! ( that is my prayer for her!!) Love all those gorgeous flowers Diana. You must have a green thumb. Here is is dark and dreary so I am trying to make the house sparkle.

  2. Such good news about your "little mother"! Praying for her continued strength. Such beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing them with us! Our flowers are pretty much done for the season here. So lovely!!!

  3. I'm glad that your mother will be able to go home. There is no place like home. Such pretty flowers. I love pink roses - so delicate.

  4. I hope that all is going well for your Mum and will continue to.

  5. So good to hear how well you mother is doing. : )
    Nice to see all those blooms.
    I like the foxglove too and don't consider them weeds!

  6. Love those foxglove. I never minded the new plants because I'd move them to a new spot.

  7. my mother-in-law is 90 and she had a stint put in a little over a year ago. She is as fit as a fiddle now. Hoping your mother does as well. It's scary to have such problems, but at least there's an answer in the horizon. The cat almost looks like it's wearing that rose from the photo angle.

  8. Diana, It is always good to see you at my blog. Thank you for your kind comment! I enjoyed all your photos in this post. I love to sit and reflect on how big this world is and that you are enjoying a beautiful spring time and, soon, summer down in the other hemisphere! Up north here, this morning was our first day with a bit of snow … it was mixed with rain and did not stick. We have cooler air on the way, so we may have snow cover before the week is over. In your earlier posts I see that your mother will be getting an operation. I had open heart surgery in 2010 and I’ve been lucky with the results and hope the same will be true for your mom. Congratulations on your fine family! I always enjoy your blog! Hope you have a great week ahead.

  9. Hi dear friend,
    What a beautiful flowers!
    I'm glad that your mother feels better!
    Have a good week,


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