Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Creatures great and small...

...well, mostly small :)
Both my little mother and my GKB are napping at the moment, it's that sort of day, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to put up a few photos I took during the week. 

My eldest granddaughter came over to visit her great grandmother and brought her little dog, Mack, with her. Mack sulked throughout the visit because my GKB didn't pay him due attention when he first arrived. When my GKB was ready for him Mack turned his back and refused to have anything to do with him. Doesn't he look just a little sulky to you?

Then a day or so later youngest granddaughter arrived with her new puppy, which she was not supposed to get and is now in the throes of winning her father over and showing him she is a responsible owner. Meet Sass, isn't she a cutie, 8 weeks old and exhausted from playing with the big dog at another friend's house so she slept the visit away.

Today I went to a friends home or a flying visit and one of the local duck families came to the back door to visit. Mum and five ducklings. It had been raining so they were poking around in the grass looking for worms I guess.

That's Mum standing to attention and watching me closely.

Mum and some of her babies, they're about half grown and stay with the mother for about 20 weeks.

This wee one is the runt and considerably smaller than his brothers and sisters. More scruffy looking too.

And guess who this is? This is dad, heading in the opposite direction to his brood at a very fast pace :)

This is one of two families of ducklings in this little village, there were 11 babies in the other family but I believe some of them went missing in various ways. I haven't seen that family for a while.

Have a great week


  1. Wonderful post.
    I like the "what I am doing today post. I think they are the best. Darling puppy but big dog to come.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I agree, this is a lovely post. I did smile at the little dog sulking like that! Your granddaughter is very pretty. The tired out little puppy looks as if she will be quite large when she's full grown!

  3. Sass is so cute and looks so comfortable napping. : )

  4. That dog has some very human traits. Hope all is well with your mom living with you.

  5. Even Dogs get their feelings hurt.lol...Those ducks are too cute. And your granddaughter is gorgeous Diana.

  6. Oh, Diana, I love animals especially dogs. Too funny about Mack. He does look sulky! And the puppy - so precious. ♥


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