Saturday, 4 June 2016

Two intrepid walkers - on a road trip

I hope you will take a few minutes, maybe five, 
make yourself a coffee or tea and join me 
as I take a road trip to my childhood home.

Well it's been over for a week or two now but when my little sis was here on holiday from Australia we went on a bit of a road trip. All in the name of the reunion we are having at Easter next year. 
We had intended heading back up Central and knocking off a bit more of the rail trail but got chatting and decided on a completely different plan. Dunedin to Greymouth and back in four days, because I had a meeting to get back for. That's a round trip of over 1130 k's and meant we were on the road most of the time without a full day anywhere.

After making sure my GKB was okay with baching for a few days we got on the road. He didn't fancy a menage a trois of any kind anyway and quite honestly even though the campervan was supposed to sleep four it would have been pretty crowded. Comfortable enough for two though.

After a couple of hours on the road, we decided to stop for lunch at one of the rivers we crossed on the way. There was a fair wind blowing but we got out and stretched our legs, took a photo or two and some of some tourists as well, with their camera. (We are so nice like that, ha ha). The name of the river eludes me now but it is the same braided river I showed you in an earlier post with the ducks swimming on it. The photo above is a tiny sheltered braid close to the bank. Very pretty but the river itself is rugged. If you look hard you can see the Southern Alps in the background on the left. And then we headed for Christchurch to stop for the night.

There are a lot of road works and rebuilding going on and at one point we went round this roundabout into a little detour and came back out where we had gone in. Don't ask! I think that was as we were trying to get onto the Coast Road as we left the next morning. Anyway we went through here several times over two days. We had just enough time to get parked up at the camping ground/holiday park when we arrived when my grandson rang to say his partner had just finished work and was on his way over to pick us up for dinner. Time for a quick wash and tidy up and away we went for a lovely roast dinner.

The next morning, after an early start and finally negotiating the road works we turned inland and onto the West Coast Road. That is the Southern Alps we are heading for and which we had to cross. Heading home, well to my childhood home which I love.

Above is Castle Hill, no castle just these rather wonderful rock formations which from a distance do look like a ruined castle, we pass this on the way. And then a bit further on we come to the Bealey River, we're up in the mountains now and although there is no snow where we are, it's on the tops and cold.

Over the bridge and before we knew it we were in the Otira Gorge and driving over the viaduct. So different to when I was young, when you had to drive a lot higher up the mountain on an unsealed road with no barriers to stop you going over the edge. 

The photo above is taken through the van window, a waterfall above the road with the sluice to carry it across the road above the traffic. We stopped for lunch in Otira village, next to the railway station at some picnic tables and then carried on to the coast. We were on the downhill run now. We can hear the call of home :)

And I think that is where I will leave you today. I'll pick up here again in about a week and tell a little more. 

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  1. Ahhh...I want to see the home of your youth. What a tease. But a lovely ride to get there. Castle Hill is so interesting.

  2. Lovely country and a great adventure. I can't wait to read the next installment! How nice that you and your sister can do this.

  3. Those mountains are beautiful but I must admit that heights give me vertigo. I could have been a companion in the camper but not a driver. So did you grow up in the mountains Diana?

  4. Diana, I LOVE road trips! My girlfriend and I took many in years past and just took one to New Orleans this past April. It was great fun. I love that picture of the tiny sheltered braid (?). It would make a great screen saver.

  5. I loved your road trip, the pictures almost made me feel like I was with you!! The Southern Alps are so pretty!

  6. Whoa, very beautiful...your road trip sounds cool, thank you for sharing. smiles

    P.S. I moved my blog over to

  7. What beautiful photos. Love the waterfall over the road !
    This was a great post for me to read today.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  8. You and your sister always seem to have such lovely adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us : )

  9. What avidly trip you are taking us on

  10. Sounds like a great way to spend quality time with your sister, not sure my sister and I could do it though! LOL!
    Great scenery shots.

  11. Beautiful views from your road trip. I sure would love to go on a road trip along the coastal road of my own country.

  12. what a wonderful trip...especially with your sis. So glad ya'll had a good time...xoxo

  13. So lovely to go exploring with you and see more of the world! Thank you for taking us. So sorry to be so late visiting, we were away over the weekend and so I am just catching up. Thank you for your support of Five On Friday! I hope that you are having a great week! xx

  14. What beautiful scenery, and so nice to have a little trip with your Sis. The mountains and the waterfall over the road are amazing! Take care xx Karen


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