Saturday, 7 May 2016

Netball and butterflies and other things in between

This morning my daughter rang to see if I wanted to go and watch the netball with her. Youngest grand daughter was playing a social game at 1pm. It's a while since I've watched her as she has played football (soccer) the past two or three years. I noticed she'll have to get used to using her arms again in defence, she hasn't been able to do that in footy. That's her with the topknot hairdo just under the ball. They played a good game for the first of the season and won 25 - 12. It was played inside where her brothers were playing futsal during the summer.

Autumn has arrived, the mornings and evenings are drawing in and getting just a tad nippy. The days are still warm though, in double figures, and in fact some of them are as warm as our summer days were. Anyway, I have finished knitting my daughter, same one as above, a snood for the winter. It's the same as the one I knitted for her sister a few months ago - I had several balls of  the wool left over so thought I could do that. There is still a ball there so I have decided that I will knit the beanie that is on the wrapper you can see around the wool. It is black I know, but it is fun wool and okay to work with once you get used to it.

I have finished my book for April and as I said I was going to do I picked one that was  light and trite. So much so that I can't remember what it was about. So if you want something light and easy to read and you don't have to worry about, this is a good one. 
That Certain Age by Elizabeth Buchan.
But having said that, I have read several others since. (Excuses, excuses). And I am well into the one I picked for this month. I think it could be classed as an autobiography but I'm not really sure. 
Pippa Blake - Journey.
It is the story of her life with Sir Peter Blake up until his untimely death at the hand of  bandits in December 2001. So far, so good. A Christmas gift several years ago from one of my children.

During the week I ventured down the yard to the roses thinking I would cut them back and then dead head the dahlias. Well the roses were not co-operating at all.  Only one of them had finished flowering and all the others are in bud and starting to bloom again. Honestly, even the plants think it is springtime. So I cut the one back or perhaps I should say I pruned it, and tidied up the rest of them. You can see one of them in full bloom below, with a bud ready to open just behind. Then I walked over to the dahlias to begin on them. They also have a lot of tiny buds on them, but I think the frost will get to them before they get to the opening stage. But who knows? So just the deadheading was done there as well.

Speaking of the garden we have noticed a lot of different butterflies this year, and more of them. Among them were the monarch butterfly which is so lovely. This a photo taken while I was still working. We had hatched some caterpillars in the dining room and released them outside when they were ready. This one flew onto branch just outside the window and stayed there for most of the day, much to the joy of the elderly folk inside. It is sad that they have such a short lifespan, only 2 - 5 weeks.

We also had visits from the Great White or as we know it, the cabbage butterfly. These are far more common than the monarch or any of the others we saw and gardeners regard them as a pest. As well we had visits from a black butterfly with white spots on the wings, which was quite common when I was a child but which I haven't seen often since I moved south. I have no idea what it is called as I have always, mistakenly, thought it was a codling moth! 

The other visitor we have seen is red admirals, I think. I say I think because it is a slightly different colour to the ones I remember, so perhaps these ones were yellow admirals? I used to see more of them when I was a child as well. Of course none of the more uncommon ones stayed on the foliage long enough for me to go in and get my camera, so no pics. But isn't that the way?

And that is it from me today.
I am going to join Amy for Five on Friday
 and hope you'll pop over for a look as well.



  1. Lovely to hear about your week! I hope that your daughter is enjoying her sport a lot. The butterflies are beautiful aren't they, I haven't seen any yet in our garden this spring, but I am sure they will come. Thank you for joining Five On Friday this week, hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  2. Nice to see your pictures and hear about your week.

  3. So glad to see your post this morning Diana...I always love to see and hear of what is going on around the world from me. We are starting to get our summer temps and all the flowers and shrubs are beautiful. Today is MOther's Day here in the US, so a Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  4. Always wonderful to hear about different parts of the world. Finally here in the UK we are getting some warm weather and finally Spring seems to have arrived, bulbs and flowers are starting to emerge which is always a great sight.

  5. Looks like a good week all round. Hope she likes the snood

  6. She will surely LOVE the snood...
    Glad your week was good...

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Spring is struggling to arrive here!

  8. Ah, I loved to play netball - hope you had a fun time :)

  9. I somehow missed this Five on Friday post so catching up now. You had a good and varied week and I hope this one was the same. Very interesting to read about the different butterflies you've seen recently. Amazed that you bred some Monarch butterflies and that must have been satisfying. A great shot of it.


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