Monday, 12 October 2015

Then and now...

Back in the beginning of autumn I took this photo
 from the car park up above the motorway into town.
The autumn colour was just starting to show. 

This is what the same area (taken from a 
different angle) looks like at present.
Last week we had fire sweep through and as if that 
wasn't enough there were also gale force winds.

This is just a little bit of the damage.
Behind the treeline there are houses but
 fortunately no homes were affected
 although a lot of outbuildings were destroyed.
About thirty homes were evacuated 
and more in the vicinity were on standby.

You can just see one of the homes
 through the trees in the top left of this picture.
The cattery where Leo goes on holiday 
(my friend's cat) is up this road
 and had to be evacuated as well.
It's just on the edge of the trees.

The road on the left is the motorway 
so the fire came quite close. 
My youngest daughter lives about 500 metres 
up the road from here, their suburb was cut off 
with road closures at both ends.

Something I found quite amazing was this 
blossom tree with everything around it 
burnt black and yet it wasn't touched.
The crews watching for further outbreaks
 have just been stood down today 
and we are expecting rain so that
 will be a relief for everyone concerned.

I think a lot of people are counting their blessings this week.


  1. Yes, li is a blessing that no one was harmed or homes burned! The plant with the blooms is pretty and good it was spared.

  2. How amazing that the little blossom tree survived. It must have been very worrying for all those people that had to be evacuated nearby. Thank heavens for the rain!

  3. Can't imagine anything worse than a spreading fire. It is good to hear that no-one was hurt. That blossom is remarkable perhaps it is nature letting you know that all is not lost and life will soon return amongst the embers.

  4. So sad to see the results of a quickly it can change lives. My daddy worked for the US Forest Service and he would often take us to see where a forest fire had swept through. I am glad no lives were lost!!

  5. So much was destroyed but at least no people were hurt. Amazing how the little blossom tree survived.

  6. It was sad to see the before and after images of the area! However,mwha the a blessing that everyone is ok. The picture of the survived blossom tree gives such hope, doesn't it?

  7. Diana, fires are so scary. I am so glad that no one was injured. I'm glad for the tree's blossoms. It gives one hope.

  8. I agree....fires are scary for us all. I'm glad your family is safe from the damage. Hugs, Diane

  9. Oh awful. Glad it wasn't any worse and that everyone is safe. Amazing about the little green flowery bush!

  10. Very scary-glad no one was hurt. What a contrast between the blossom and the charred land. Interesting photo!

  11. Hi Diana! Oh, that is scary and glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Amazing seeing the little bloom that survived! Thanks for popping in to see me and hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. That first picture is so beautiful, it looks fake!! I love the fall, and am so excited for the cold weather.


  13. What a shame when fires like this happens. We've had things like in Florida too. It replenishes the land and the greenery grows back but if houses are sad. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had lost some of my blog addresses and yours was one. Now I have it!

  14. This is so sad, but it is amazing what mother nature can do in such a short space of time. Take care xx

  15. Its very sad when God creation gets burnt... Your first photo is lovely.. Well i suppose in time it will renew.. Thank God no one got hurt.. Blessings for a lovely Sunday aftrernoon with love Janice


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