Thursday, 22 October 2015

Introducing 'Her'

Do you remember 'Missy the Manx minx'?

We looked after her for a couple of weeks at Christmas
 a year or two back, just after she came to live with our daughter.

Well she is now a mama herself and below is one of her offspring.

Meet 'Her', one of three kittens.
She has a lovely long tail.
Her brother has half a tail and her sister has no tail!
We can only assume the daddy was not a Manx, 
which means Missy is still a little minx :)


  1. Oh my!!lol...loved this post. Those kitty cats do get around Diana!! Did you adopt one of the kittens? I love the thought of a pet but I am just too lazy to care for one full time. I am cat sitting for my friend while she is out of town. I just walk to her townhouse and feed them. Another of Susan's friends does the litter box. I am NOT that good of a

  2. Congratulations to Missy! My Thelma, who is since gone from us, had a tiny stub of a tail - that way from birth. So, when I got Tabbie with a full, long tail, it was quite a novelty!

  3. What adorable kitties! I hope one doesn't get stuck up in the tree!

    You are cordially invited to enter my Sweet Christmas Card Drawing! :-)

  4. So very cute ! I rather like a cat with no tail. Plus I love gray cats.
    Are you keeping one of kittens ?
    I hope Daughter gets her fixed especially if she is an outdoor cat.
    One cat can have over 100 kittens in her life. A single pair of breeding cats and kittens can have 420,000 in just 7 years.
    Plus think of all the birds killed.
    Daughter used to work for the Humane Society so I know lots of cat and feral cat facts.
    Outdoor cats die/eaten when I live so all my friends cats are indoor only.
    Thank you for your answer about the cups. They are so pretty I think you must use them if you have a Fancy Sunday Tea ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. How cute and what a lovely eye color!!

  6. That made me smile. Well done to Missy. Loved the photos.

  7. I do like cats : ) Sweet darling Missy but sounds like She was playing on the wrong side of the road ; ) She will love the no matter.OX

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