Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Beating the blues...

This winter has been a tad cold for me,
 I'm not a native to the south.
Where I grew up it was wet in winter 
but a lot warmer than it is here.
After 40 plus years you'd think I'd be used to it, but no.

Taramakau river, West Coast, New Zealand

And I have to admit that occasionally 
I have a felt a little down in the dumps this winter.
We haven't had one this cold for several years.
And that is when I want to up sticks, 
cross the ditch, and join my sisters in Queensland...

...where I can sit in the carport 
and have a long leisurely breakfast.

my Good Kiwi Bloke

Or meet up with our nephew 
and have lunch in the gardens.

my GKB, moi, nephew and sis

Or go bush (a link to our bush visit post) 
with my niece 
and her family for a day or two.

the dining room :)

Or maybe meet up with my other sis 
and spend a day at the beach.

my GKB, sis, me

Or take a day trip to Eungella National Park 
with ex pat friends...

...and gaze in wonder at the strange creatures 
running around the bush.

Or watch glorious sunsets at the end of the day, 
which is very early in northern Queensland.

Or just plain play silly buggers with the toy dog.

Or even all of the above.

And now I have got that off my chest I feel much better.
And summer is coming, yeeha!

joining in with:
roses of inspiration

Thanks for listening to me 
(if you're still with me).
If you're not I understand :)
Have a nice day and we'll
meet up again next week.


  1. You do have a lot to look forward to when your weather warms up! I enjoyed your pictures very much. We are experiencing very extreme heat this summer. I am longing for Autumn!

  2. Diana, I know how you feel...a long winter does that to me as well. And our last winter was one of the coldest we have had lately. I have heard this year is EL Nino so I hope that means a milder winter this year as it has in the past. We have had a long run of 100plus weather indexes and I cannot wait for an autumn breeze. Fall is my favorite time of the year!

  3. It is fun to read your entry for today, because as you are cold and wishing for warmth, we are hot and wishing for cooler weather....lol Your pictures are lovely and I always enjoy seeing parts of your country. Wrap up, stay warm....I will fan and stay cool, and we both will be happy soon.

  4. Hi Diana, the winter cold can get one down and it does that to me too except our season is not as long here in Texas. Now we are dealing with hot temps in the 100's. Looking forward to fall and cooler days.
    Nice pics of your beautiful family. Have a nice week and stay warm.

  5. Diana, {{HUGS}} to you! I hope you winter ends soon and you can soak in all the sunshine. Is that a crocodile in the picture? Yikes!

    1. No not a croc although we were far enough north for them, I think it is an iguana. We don't have them here in New Zealand.

  6. Your summer will be there before you know it and I'll be having winter. I like winter though. : )

  7. Hi Diana! Oh, I'm sorry your winter has made you a little bit blue! I love your snaps of the warmer times. Your summer is around the corner. Thank you for popping in to my travel blog.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hello Diana ~ "For such a time as this" Winter always comes to an end, praise the Lord. :) Soon you will be enjoying all that comes with the nice warm weather.
    We have had more rain this summer than usual, but it sure has made everything lush and green. I can feel Fall in the air and it is just a bit too soon.

    Lovely photos of your family. :)

    Much love and warm hugs to you ~ Debbie

  9. Love your pictures! I understand about the winter! The older I get the less I like it! Have a wonderful day! Lynn

  10. I hope your cooler temps come soon for you. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum here, wanting chilly weather instead of hot. You have some nice plans for when the temps are better down there!

  11. Yes, the winter blues are a real thing. I think it's the darkness that affects me the most. Wishing for blue skies your way.

  12. I would joyfully send you some of our 100 degree weather, if I could. Your photo's are so lovely. Here we are looking for some cooler weather.

  13. It will be here before you know it. We're in the hottest part of the summer where we have to stay inside more. But I love living in this climate. Sending you some warm hugs, Diane

  14. All of the above sound wonderful! After a long cold winter you deserve a warm fun filled vacation with friends and family. Enjoy!


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