Thursday, 26 February 2015

They're at it again...

The neighbours are chopping stuff down.

There is a beautiful macracarpa hedge growing 
between our property and the one next door.
Well there was up until about a week ago.
Over the years the neighbourhood kids have had a lot of fun in there.
Both boys and girls.
They had huts and hideouts and tracks through the branches,
and not necessarily at ground level either.

But as you can see there is a truck up the drive.
Behind the truck is a very nice young man with a chain saw and a mulcher.
He took down about 30 foot of the hedge in the middle.
Right opposite our bedroom window and in front of one of the neighbours'.
I just hope they're going to put up a very high fence to replace it!
Although it does reflect a lot of light back to our place - oh well you can't have it all ways/

When he feeds the mulcher a lot of very fine sawdust
 comes over our fence and leaves a fine film over everything.
Easy to clean off, just a nuisance really.

At one point I looked out the window and 
one of these wee fellows was wandering around
 in the middle of the road looking quite bewildered,
 in fact he was walking in circles.

I rescued him and put him under some bushes well away from the hedge,
and the road, and thought that all was well.
But no, a couple of minutes later he was heading out again
 but this time stopped for a drink out of a puddle
 and then headed back to the bushes. Phew.

Both our daughters  went over looking
to see if there were any of their old toys there.
there weren't, but youngest found an old Sprite can
 she took home to her collector husband.

Work seems to have come to a standstill now though 
and this is what things looks like at the moment.

Not pretty.

Well that's it for today,
keep well, keep warm if you're in the snow
 and enjoy your day.


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  1. Wow what a job cutting that down. Must have been growing for years and years. Wonder how many other little animals have to find new homes.

  2. Was the hedge on their property ? Goodness what a mess. They could have trimmed it down and taken some off the sides. Living green fence is better than a wood one.

    cheers. parsnop

    1. Yes it was on their property and the driveway belongs to our neighbours at the back.

  3. I certainly can understand your disappointment. I hope they do erect a fence or something in that spot. Hooray for you for rescuing your little friend.

  4. wow - that is a big change. Maybe the light was being badly blocked into that window. Hope you remember in the morning to keep your curtains closed while you get dressed!! Hope something pretty goes up in it's place, J9 x

  5. How sad ..I thought it was nice green fence/ divider....
    I would of preferred the tall hedge. Nothing like privacy.

  6. Oh no! Why would anyone do that?

  7. Looked as if you had good privacy. Hope they clean it up better.

  8. Oh dear, what can I say Diana - looks very sad indeed. And I've always admired the hedges you see around NZ and the talent required to keep them so beautifully hedged. Poor you over this one my friend. :(

  9. Hi Diana! Oh, no! I wonder why they would cut that hedge down? It was so beautiful. I do hope they clean up what they left! Thanks for popping in to see me and hope all is well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Diana, thanks for dropping by to read my book review at Kindred Hearts Cafe. I thought I would stop by and visit you too! Oh my goodness, what a job to take down that hedge!! We had some snow here in North Alabama this week but it has melted away now. I think we are all ready for Spring. That sunshine where you are is amazing!! I can almost feel it!!

  11. Oh Diana, I would have been very sad. You have been remarkably stoic about the mess. Thank you for saving the hedgehog. Hate to see critters stressed when their homes are destroyed. Love your blog!

  12. What a mess...surely they plan to do something other than leave it like it is now. :(


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