Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It surely is the silly season

This is a lazy post really. I was playing with some of the editing effects on one of the computer programmes and thinking about Christmas so decided to post one or two of the photos. Or four or five of them. 

home nativity

I seem to be very busy at the moment trying to get ready for Christmas, which is coming all too quickly, but I'm sure I'll be ready on time.
Hand crafted nativity set
Tonight I've been back to my old work place, the rest home, to watch my youngest grandson take part in putting on a few Christmas items with his scout troop. He was surprised to see me but also pleased when they were told to go and talk to some of the residents. He made a beeline for me, haha, so I took him in hand and went with him while he spoke with a couple of the old ladies. He's 8 and found it just a little daunting I think.

Christmas tree in hotel foyer

I've also been helping make props for our church Christmas outreach, Wednesday mornings spent painting and cutting and fitting and everything else that goes with putting displays together. A lot of fun really with people just turning up randomly to help. I have some sheep at home now waiting to be cut out and have legs attached, the Sunday School kids drew and painted them. Cute.

Santa in the city

This week my daughter and I spent the morning in town, mostly window shopping while we waited for my GKB who was at an appointment. We found some shops we never knew about and had a good old time poking around - and I got some great ideas for Christmas presents. My mind had been blank up till then. When we had finished we had to have coffee of course. I love going into town with my girls, I always enjoy it.

Missy climbing the Christmas tree

I'm looking at my diary, *retired and needing a diary*, and next week is filling up fast. But I love Christmas so I don't mind really

It surely is the silly season. 

All of the photo's have been cropped and sharpened apart from the top one and the bottom one. The one at the top has been localised. Photos all taken using a Canon PowerShot A540.


  1. Oh such lovely photos.
    ack... cats and Christmas trees.
    So thankful my two cats never destroyed my Christmas trees.
    Our they would have some how been banished from the from the living room. Then let back in after Christmas.
    The third time Daughters cat destroyed the small vase of Christmas greenery she had in her home, she ended up in tears. me too ! No tree and cat would not leave the vase of greenery alone. Perverse.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I like the is it knitted? nativity scene.
    Cute picture of the kitty.

  3. Thanks for saying what Camera you use Diana! I wish all bloggers would say in their side bar what their camera is. Love your artistic presentations with the photos :) Christmas spirit is alive and well in your world and its infectious!
    Lovely post dear lady.

  4. Sweet snaps! I crocheted a little Nativity very similar to this one many years ago and I still have it! :) I'm sure you enjoyed your little grandsons performance. I'm getting to experience a little of this now since we live by our little grandchildren.
    Thanks always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. That shot with your kitty daring to climb your tree is hilarious - looks mesmerized! Thanks for your visit and sweet comments.
    My best to you this wonderful Advent season. : - )

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your kitty looks adorable. :) Have a great weekend! Maria

  7. Hi Diana! I'm still loving this post and thank you again for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh, I hope the cat doesn't pull down the tree! I've heard of this happening.


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