Saturday, 23 November 2013


 Do you remember Harry from a few posts ago? 
A nice, benign gentleman who held posters and signs for groups,
 outside a community house.

He has been vandalized! 

I can't see the sense in it, 
just mindless destruction really.
I think maybe the idea had been
 to remove him, but he was well anchored. 

I hope your week has
been better than Harry's. 


  1. Oh No! Senseless. I am sure the good folks around will patch him up. keep us posted.

  2. Poor Harry! It really sickens me when people do things like that. There's just no need for it. As you say, they were obviously trying to whisk Harry away, and quickly scarpered no doubt when they found that he was well anchored.

  3. Yes, senseless!
    I hope he gets his arms back.poor thing.

  4. Awwww, bless Harry's little wooden heart. :)

  5. The idea behind Harry's existence is brilliant and it defies comprehension as to why anyone would want to remove him, let alone vandalise him.
    It wouldn't surprise me if some kind soul came along and bandaged him up. :(

  6. So Sad/ it makes me disappointed--why would people harm such a cutie?

  7. So sorry about Harry. Don't give up. There are good people out there. Have a great Thanksgiving. Blessings, Martha

  8. What a shame, destroying something like that. It really annoys me, senseless vandalising. Grrr!!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my post - I'm so pleased that you aren't finding them to boring 'cause I've got plenty more lol. :))


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