Friday, 1 November 2013

Around town

On my walks around town I see some unusual and creative stuff.
Some of it is man made and some not.

Like this telegraph pole.
The ivy must have been planted by someone 
and it always intrigues me as to why.
 Surely it could cause problems if it grew along the lines?

Then there is this gate set in a hedge along the Silverstream. 
I guess at sometime it lead into the property behind,
but not any more.

Further along the Silverstream is this world globe.
When I first saw it I thought someone had 
just made a ball on a pole out of some scrap metal.
But look closely, that's Australia on the bottom right and New Zealand is just a little further around from it. 
Indonesia and Asia are higher up and to the left.
Made from scrap metal from a car.
Very clever, I thought.

This fellow is named Harry, so I'm told,
 and he has been made to hold signs or notices.
He stands outside a community house.

Outside number 15 is this letterbox. 
He rather took my fancy.
Someone else has been very creative.

This is my favourite today, though.
A beautiful mural on the front of a private house.
It has been there for years but I still love it.

Have a great week,


  1. I love your walks. Such interesting sights. The gate to nowhere intrigues me.

  2. You have a lovely way of looking at the familiar with fresh eyes, Diana! I love Harry!

  3. Hi Diana! I've enjoyed my walk with you. How nice that you can look at things with 'new eyes'. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for the lovely good wishes and for stopping by. The images in your post made me smile and the metal globe is very clever indeed. I spotted Oz and NZ immediately!
    I always enjoy your photos, bring back many happy memories of wonderful holidays in a beautiful country!
    Take good care

  5. PS: Adore the header!!! Too cute!

  6. Fascinating photos ! Lovely area too.I enjoyed this post and glad I didn't miss it.Thank You for dropping by and Your sweet comments-Denise

  7. Such an interesting place to walk--I wonder what this says about the people around there; certainly they have a creative spirit and they must be quite interesting! The ivy on the pole was probably meant to help hide the pole, but it has climbed so far! I love the gate. Guess it must be getting near summer there.

  8. You certainly go on some interesting walks and see some pretty amazing things. That pole with the ivy on it is very unusual and quite attractive.
    Thanks for popping over to see my holiday pics - we had a great time and yes we did pull our bags the 20 blocks or so, they were on wheels - at least we didn't have to carry them :))

  9. Diana,
    Thank you for coming to visit yesterday. Oh my goodness, I love your perspective. These were things I probably would never have noticed but they are so funny. It makes me want to keep my eyes open around my neighborhood! I thought "Harry" was really cute and clever and the letter box is so ingenious...I love it!


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