Monday, 29 July 2013

Walking plans

When I first started this blog it was because I was bored and I saw one my niece had started.
"If she can do it, so can I", I thought.
"Mmm, I guess you need to have something to write about though. 
Well I'm trying to get fit enough to walk the 'Rail Trail' with my sister, that'll do. 
No matter if no-one is interested, it'll keep me on track."

Ha! Famous last words!!
I was very good - for about a year,
 then sis didn't arrive over from Aussie when expected.
Disappointment and then discouragement.
But suddenly, out of the blue, she's got it all planned!

All I have to do is lose about a stone in weight, 
get fit, and comply with the plan!
Thank goodness we don't have a date yet 
and it isn't happening till next year, 
so I have some time. 
I hope.
I think I might be doing the bookings too, but we'll see.

cows grazing
So today I went out walking. 
Along the Silverstream. 

ducks on the bank 

It is the boundary between the urban and the rural areas.
So I walked the footpaths first because I had letters to post.
(Not everyone has computers and 
it's quite nice to write with a pen and pad occasionally).
Then I got myself through the gate and onto the banks.
Lovely, not many people although it was such a lovely day.

It's hard to believe this is winter.
It has been very mild so far, 
apart from the odd snow fall, and flood etc.
Tomorrow I will go out again and continue along the path,
under the bridge, up the other side...

...and along the bank to the bridge further down. 
I haven't been far down this side before so it will be interesting.
The aerodrome is over that way as well as more farmland.

I might go to the gym too, 
they have a special for old people like me, haha,
and some of my friends already go.
Anyway that is the plan so far.

Oh, by the way, did I say I haven't been out walking since Easter?

And the Rail Trail is 150 kilometres or 93.3 miles long. Hmm.

Have a great week folks.


  1. Diana, how lovely to meet you! So pleased you called by (via dear Shelia's blog).
    New Zealand has a special place in my heart as my beloved husband who passed away 10 years this Sept. and I, enjoyed 3 lengthy wonderful holidays in both the north and south islands and seriously considered moving there after the children had left home, but we moved to Tasmania instead!
    I see your dear GKB has had a time of it of late, I do pray he is recuperating well.
    I look forward to our blog friendship and will return and read much more of your delightful posts.

  2. What A beautiful walk.
    I too still write and mail letters often. Just because.

  3. Keep on walking! It really makes a difference AND it is free!

    Denise x

  4. Tis an ambition goal to work towards. I once (about ten years ago) decided to get in shape for the Komen 3 day cancer walk. Well that was a mistake. I was also jogging at the time. I would jog in the early morning hours and walk in the afternoon. I never did make it to the Komen walk because I injured my SI joint in my pelvis and it never has been the same! I can now walk 3-4 miles a day but I can not jog outside anymore and have to be sure to do my stretches and be very careful about the SI joint. I still can't sleep on my left side much. But stretching has helped wonderfully.

  5. I meant ambitious, not ambition!

  6. Hey, your plan sounds great - but I hope you're NOTHING like me because if you ARE, then you'll have trouble sticking to it ... Glad there are other letter-writers around - it's just not the same getting an email!!

  7. Oh I wish I could get motivated too.. I enjoy walking but right now its too HOT... keep walking...

  8. Dearest Diana,
    Hello, my friend in New Zealand. So sorry for my belated comment!
    Oh, you have a sister in Australia. You have quite a global family♬♬♬
    I admire your plan and motivation for walking. Haha, I'm not good at any exercise or even walking. Is "the Rail Trail" walking event? If so, I wish you will be able to make the goal☆☆☆
    Hope your husband is doing better, praying for the perfect recovery from Japan.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  9. Oh Dianna.....!! Well, at least you have a little while to get ready...and you have a plan too. Good girl!! You'll be OK. And when the spring comes it might give you more incentive. Apart fro all this....we're here encouraging you to go for it! Well done! Joan


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