Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mush n stuff

I thought perhaps it was time to check in
 and let you know I am still around.
I've been visiting you but not leaving comments
 as my brain has turned to M.U.S.H. mush.
My GKB has retired and within a week he ended
 up in hospital with a deep vein thrombosis. 
The full length of his leg.

 Just what retirement isn't meant to be about, 
but seems to happen all to often in today's world.
I hope that doesn't sound bitter, I'm not, but I am a bit tired.
He is doing well but it has meant trips back and forth to the hospital. It also means we don't do much at the moment so I am starting to feel a bit house/small town bound.

Yesterday we drove a young lad down to his camp at the Lake and that was fun. Good to get away for an hour or so.

And spring is just around the corner. I think.

We are getting heaps of waxeyes at the feeder
 and I've had to make more.

And we've been to watch both the grandsons playing footy. The youngest just started playing this season and is still playing kick and chase but the older one has been playing rules for a couple of years now and his mother tells me he is a striker (whatever that means). Ignorant granny. I don't know the rules but I love to watch, it is such a skillful game and even the little kids have some good skills.

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. I have to go and get tea ready so that I can go and join in a quiz night. I hope they are not expecting too much from me, as I say, my brain is mush just now. But I could answer a question about the new baby prince, I know his birth weight, but then so does everyone else, haha.

Have a good week, 


  1. Oh my. I hope the road to recovery goes well.
    Take good care of you self too!

  2. Dear Diana,
    I am sorry to hear your news, and hope that all improves soon.

    Sending you my prayers and warm thoughts. Now go and stun the quiz night with your amazing brain power!

    Denise x

  3. Hope he gets better. Love the bird on waxeye how do you make that? never heard of that.

  4. Dearest Diana,
    OMG, so sorry to hear the news!!! I pray for everything will go smoothly. And thinking about you two, my dear friend.

    Your waxeye looks wonderful and lovely bird. And children seemed to enjoy playing footy (football or soccer).
    Having excruciatingly hot days; take care of yourselves.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Sorry to hear the news about your hubby/ not the best way to start off retirement! Hope things improve for you all.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Sorry also that, when you thought you would be able to go out and about more, this has hit. I hope you're able to catch up on your rest a little more and that the emotional stress will ease down a little too. Do take care of yourself. Joan


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