Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A hint of Autumn

I was taking a friend home from 
an appointment yesterday 
when I noticed all of the leaves 
that had fallen into the gutter near her place.
I love it when the leaves begin to fall.

Of course the temperature tends to fall with them, 
but it still very nice in the afternoons. 
Once the sun has come around a bit 
 it pours in through our lounge window. 
We are lucky enough to face north west.

When the grands were smaller 
we would go out and kick the leaves around
 and throw them at each other. 
Great fun!

One thing with the falling temps, 
I now have a valid excuse for hot puddings.
So later yesterday I picked the last of my rhubarb 
and stewed it and we had it with custard after tea.

Not a lot of colour in the rhubarb but it tasted good. 
I didn't have any cream or ice cream to go with it, 
but never mind - we enjoyed it.

Wishing you all a great week
wherever you may be.


  1. Aaah, hot puddings! Still got that excuse here, too, Diana, as Spring temperatures are well below average and we are a-shivering in our wellies at the allotment staring morosely at the frozen, wet ground.
    But nothing brings a smile like a good hot pudding!You have inspired me to do a pud for supper this evening!

  2. Wishing you a great week too!

  3. It's always strange to realize that while our part of the world is eagerly awaiting the first buds of spring, halfway around the globe you're rejoicing in the beautiful colors of autumn. And you've reminded me to dig up a root of my daughter's rhubarb and plant it in my own yard before she sells her house and the opportunity is lost. I love rhubarb and she can't stand it.

  4. Oh my~ our temperatures are in the mid 80s. and spring is almost gone its getting to be HOT some- days around my neck of the woods.. Have a blessed day.

  5. How funny we are waiting for spring while you are in the middle of fall. God is so good all the time, where ever we live. Blessings, Martha

  6. Dearest Diana,
    So sorry for my belated comment, my dear friend in New Zealand♪
    Oh, lovely to read that you had sweet memory going out and kicking the leaves around with your grandchildren♡♡♡  Well, I needed to check how the rhubarb look and what it is p;) I do hope I could enjoy your meal, which must be really different from ours(♥^_^♥)~*
    Please enjoy your fall, haha funny to say this and your son's family must be feeling the same way.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  7. Thank you for visiting Me all the way from New Zealand.I think it's amazing still how We can chat and have fellowship with other Christians around the world as if were neighbors.Fun hearing your having Fall in My Spring and your deserts are called puddings.Looks yummy! Denise

  8. It is strange to think you are just going into autumn and we are just getting into spring when things are starting to bud again.
    Mmmm I just love rhubarb and custard - hope you enjoyed it. :))


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