Wednesday, 25 July 2012

jigsaws, books and feijoa jam

It's a strange winter - not as wet as usual - but the temperatures are still way down there.
The nights draw in early and the drapes are all pulled around 4:30pm on a bleak day.
And that makes for long drawn out evenings.
So what to do on a long winters night?
Well I don't know about you but I get a bit
fed up with the fare on the telly,
 although there are one or two programmes I like:

Once upon a time.
Weekend murders.
Undercover Boss.
Junior Masterchef.

just to name a few.
So to while away the time I dug out some jigsaws.

 I haven't done a jigsaw for quite a few years so
 I thought I'd better start slow and easy,
 like a 500 piece one.
It only took a few days so I got brave
 and pulled out a 1000 piece box to do next.

One Sunday youngest grand boy came in and was really
 fascinated by the size of the puzzle and how
 small the pieces were. .
so seeing as he had a birthday coming up
I thought I would see if
 I could find him one that was not too big.
I managed to find a
 60 piece map of the world with some stand up icons
 and he was really pleased with it.  

He rang that night to tell me he had finished doing it
 in one afternoon,
 'not a week like it takes you Granma'.
Don't ya just love 'em?

I also went along to the library and got an armful
 of books out, 'cause I just love reading.
Unfortunately I can be quite anti social when I read,
I get really lost in a book if it has a
good story line, then have to run around like
an idiot getting things done.
It's just as well my GKB doesn't mind, he likes his telly,
I like to read.

I've also made some feijoa jam, it turned out horrible but edible,
 so I am eating my way through it.
Thank goodness it is only a couple of jars.
The next door neighbours have a couple of trees on our fence line and I harvest the windfalls, well the 2 little grand boys do.
 They love going out with a bowl and gathering the fruit up,
though I think they may not all be windfalls,
 but what I can't see isn't hurting and the neighbours don't mind.

The boys are allowed to pick the berries
on our side of the fence in season too, raspberries,
blackberries and there is a nut tree as well,
hazelnuts I think. I can never remember what they are.
We have to wait for them to fall as well,
 they're practically invisible on the tree.
Youngest grand boy loves cracking the nuts open with a rock.
And not many of the berries make it inside either!!

It's 3 degrees celsius outside just now and will probably drop below freezing overnight, which will mean a good frost in the morning and hopefully a nice winters day.

Have a good week everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.



  1. Hi Diana! Oh, I used to love to work jigsaw puzzles and may have to get another one! I've never seen that fruit before but it's pretty!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  2. Dearest Diana,
    What a really lovely post♡♡♡ I love the way your grndson liked the jigsaw puzzles and you chose the good one for him.
    Wow, never seen the fruit before and I checked with pc" Feijoa sellowiana" glad to know them, thank you very much, my only New Zealand friend (*^_^*)
    I have followed you, my profile picture somehow won't appear(^^;) I don't know why because I have never had this happened before p;)
    Anyway, I can see your new post from now in my dushboard.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. I can't remember that last time I finished a jigsaw - you get such a sense of achievement when you get it finished though. Had to laugh at your grandson saying he finished it before you :)
    I've never heard of a feijoa before and I'm sorry you jam wasn't that good.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :))

  4. Fun to think of you
    all cozied up for winter
    as temps soar on our
    side of the globe! Enjoy
    all those lovely winter
    days, Diana!

    xo Suzanne

  5. My daughter loves puzzles , but now that she has 3 little ones she has no time. We used to work on one together over the Christmas holidays, but even that has passed. Once her kiddies get older then time may came around once more!

  6. I came back to respond to you comment on my blog.
    I watched that rowing race too - wonderful race. A well deserved gold medal and I take my hat off to all of these athletes from all over the world who work so hard - it's very impressive. I can't believe I have enjoyed these games so much especially the rowing.

  7. Aug. 9th

    Sorry I missed your question-in-a-comment. You asked how to make your Header pic show up, in a size, where one doesn't have to scroll down, to see the whole thing. Mmmmm...

    You are using 'Ethereal' Template. I am familiar with 'Picture Window' and 'Awesome' Templates. On both of these, I use a picture of mine, which is wider than it is up-and-down. That way, when I click on the "Shrink To Size," when putting a new Hearder pic up..... They always seem to "fit."

    Not sure if that's how you put a Header Pic on your 'Ethereal' Template though.......

    That's about all I can tell you. :-) Crop your pic, to make it more-wide-then-high and try again... Perhaps?

    Gentle hugs,

  8. Hello Diana, thank you for visiting my blog and I really enjoyed yours,I am currently trying to set up a second blog as soldiers support but it is so frustrating so I understand what you mean, grrr enough to drive you crazy..anyway I am sure we will both work it out sometime..that Christmas countdown is a little scary lol...many blessings from our home to yours..Carole.


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