Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bob's birthday bash

              Last weekend my GKB celebrated his 70th birthday!

               All the extended family gathered to party with him.
                       Well when I say all the family gathered
                        I mean all 22 of us who live in Otago.
                         We have family in the other island
                                as well as overseas in Asia -
                               just a bit far to travel for tea!

                   Traditionally we meet for a meal somewhere.
                            This time we gathered at a hotel down  
                               the hill from my eldest daughter.
                           We threatened her with coming back
                                to her place to cut the cake
                              but the roads were so icy we
                                      decided against it.
             Middle grand girl who is 14 baked the cake and I think
                              she did a pretty good job of it.
                      It was rich and decadent and covered with 
                              mostly melted chocolate for icing.

            We had a private bar which was at the back of the pub
                     and was fully self contained, loos and all,
                    so we didn’t disturb any of the other diners
                    and the little grand boys could play around
                             without anyone getting upset.
                    The grand boys thought it was great fun 
                               to sit on high bar stools at a
                                  high round table to eat.

                      Some of the younger fellows came instead
                   of going to the big footy game, big sacrifice,
                                our teams last for the season,
                 but we had a big TV in the corner of the room
                            and so we turned it on and kept
                   the sound down and all the fans were happy!

I'm afraid that by the time we left though
and the poppers had all been popped
(and the balloons had also been popped)
there was a bit of a mess on the floor -
 but it was a clean mess and easily cleaned up.
A fun time was had by all
even if there were some
tired grands the next day.
(And some tired grandparents as well, haha).


  1. Tell him congrats--sounds like lots of fun. I love the new pic on the side of your blog of you both. My hubby's name is Bob as well!

  2. what a wonderful way to celebrate! Pass on my best birthdat wishes please!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Good Kiwi Bloke (I had to go and find out what that stood for). Looks like a good time was had by all.
    That cake looks amazing too. :))

  4. Hello, nice to meet you,
    Happy birthday to your beloved husband♡♡♡
    Haha, I haven't had the foggiest idea what the GKB means. Now, I knew it and he sure look sweet man, isn't he♪♪♪

    Thank you very much for visiting and I hope you are having a wonderful new week.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Now that looks like a super, fun, all round, Birthday Party for your hubbbbby!!!!!!!!

    And you had very icy roads. Mmmmmm, where here in this hemisphere, we are hot, hot, hot. :-) But you keep your blog look, in Spring mode anyway. :-))))

    Thank you so much for commenting, that you can see all the posted 'symbols' I use in my blog, in answer to my question.


  6. July 14th

    Re: You comment in my blog... Oh yes, please do see if you can get some Mary Stewart books out of your library. I have liked what I have read of her, so far. But I'm sure, I won't have as much fun, with each and every one of them. :-)

    So if you get one title, and tire of it... Do take it back and pick another. Betcha' you'll find some, which you like. :-)

    And since you are in winter, what nicer than taking a reading/arm/chair meander with an author, in the South of France, or the Greek Isles???????? ,-)))))


  7. Looks like everyone was having a great time! Great snaps. Thank you for popping in to see me and I'm so honored you would find some inspiration in my humble little back yard.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Sending your hubby
    a belated happy happy!
    Good blokes are hard
    to find ~ Congrats on
    celebrating yours with
    a big old family around,
    to boot!!

    xo Suzanne


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