Saturday, 22 December 2018

A funny sort of week & an apology

It's been a funny sort of a week in more ways than one,
but it is over so we can now get on with Christmas 'stuff'.
Some days it's been bucketing down like this...

and on those days I did stuff like this on the computer...

And then I would think that really I should have gone and dusted the bedroom, or wherever, but it was too late :) Dusting is my second most hated household chore.

Grand daughter came and decorated the tree last weekend and I showed you a picture of the work in progress - here is the finished tree. "You need more tinsel, Granma" she said, and I do so will probably get some at the post Christmas sales.

I don't know about you but I love getting Christmas cards
and I am a bit disappointed that people don't send them
any more. It's not quite the same receiving an electronic
 one - you can't prop it on your mantelpiece and enjoy
 it quite the same. Above is a picture of this years cards.

I managed to bake another cake that turned out pretty good,
even if I do say so myself. It is gluten free as my daughter has become gluten intolerant at the ripe old age of 50!
I'm hoping it will taste okay.
An apology

I've been having trouble with putting comments on posts
so my apologies if I have made multiple comments :( 
 I think I have the problem sorted now, I hope so.

joining Deb and friends today for


  1. Dear Diana, I agree with you, digital devices can not replace the prettiest Christmas cards!
    If you want, I would like to exchange a Christmas card by mail - but not in time for the Eve!

  2. Your Christmas tree with added decorations looks lovely. The young ones like glittery things although there's no tinsel on ours this year. I'm sure your gluten free cake will be delicious. It's making me feel hungry! Thank you for leaving a comment on a recent blog post. I didn't get multiples so I'm sure you got the technical problem sorted. May you have a very happy and peaceful Christmas with your family.

  3. Sweet Lady, thank you so much for posting on FFF yesterday. Aren't grand-kiddos just the greatest of all blessings. We have 4 and mercy, I don't know what I'd do without them! HOPE you have a blessed CHRIST-mas!

  4. Dusting is pretty low down on my list too. : )
    Your tree is very pretty.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Love your pictures...Your tree is lovely...I also enjoy getting cards...I have cut my list down a bit to those I don't communicate as much with on social media...and then this year we have joined a new church and discovered that everyone pretty much gives cards to everyone at church. They have an alphabetical mailbox in the foyer where people can put their cards...and you just have to remember to go check it to see if you got any! I was surprised to find so many...and so, back to my stash of cards and wrote out cards for everyone that I got cards from. We haven't been there long enough to know everyone yet. Maybe next year! Hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas!!

  6. There are some things that we wish would never change but, alas, they do. I used to enjoy displaying cards, too. Now that the kids are gone, we just plan a picnic and I send an electronic card of sand and sun to my friends in the US who are usually snowbound!! I may as well make the best of the changes!!

    1. We had an evening barbecue this year which is quite a change for us. Our day was beautiful, but I think yours may not have been quite so. All the same I hope you had a wonderful day. Yes, I usually just roll with the changes and fewer Christmas cards is just one of them :)


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