Tuesday, 11 September 2018


I would like to pay a tribute to my little mother before I go on with my blogging journey.


Mum was named Dawn because she was born as the sun rose one summers morning. She was a frail baby and was sustained by my Grandmother  massaging her with olive oil several times a day until she was strong enough to tolerate some condensed milk. And this she lived on for quite some time. In spite of all this she was a happy child and her father always called her smiler. She was always a battler, she had to be. She married young but by the age of 22 was separated with four children under the age of 5 - one set of twins there :) Later she remarried and 2 more boys were born and we were a happy family.

Mum supported all her kids in their sports, clubs, dreams and hopes and enabled us all to pursue the careers of our choice, even though at times it meant some hardship for her. She  had no favourites but woe betide any daughter who dared to criticize one of her sons! Mum dearly loved all her grandkids and her great grandkids and was proud of them all - she always said the only thing wrong with the kids was the adults with short memories.

Mum enjoyed knitting, sewing, baking, jam and pickle making and was good at it all, kept us all well clothed and fed :) A real homemaker. She put down her knitting needles for the last time in her late 70's after knitting an intricate shawl for one of the new babies.

Later in life she began going to church and developed a simple but deep faith which carried her through until the end. She was involved in children's ministry as well as other facets of church life and made some close friends there.

We will miss you Mum, your smile, your advice, your passion for the things you believed in, your chats, your stories. But most of all we will miss you.  
'Til we meet again.

Mum in her mid 20's, a day out at the races with Grandad.
She made the coat and the hat herself :)

A year or so before she became ill, dressed to attend the Cathedral service with the Duke and Duchess of  Cambridge attending.


I would also like to thank you all for your kind remarks on the previous post, I have appreciated them all.
Marcia, yes unfortunately Mum picked up the blood infection while she was in hospital for a short visit.


  1. What a lovely tribute and such a legacy she left behind.

  2. A lovely tribute to a wonderful woman x

  3. Diana, welcome back. I feel your pain. My mom died this month 5 years ago. It saddens me that she never got to meet my grandchildren. You wrote such a wonderful tribute to her. Hold on to those memories.

  4. Lovely tribute to your mother. You were blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear Mum. What a lovely tribute to her! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute to your sweet little Mum. She sounds like she was a marvelous woman through and through. Love the picture of her in the dress/coat/hat she made...quite the seamstress!! You were blessed to have had such a wonderful Mum. Yes, you will see her again someday. But you will miss her here every day, in one way or another. (((hugs)))

  7. Dear Diana, your dear Mum was so much part of your family and a blessing to all of you, young and old. Thank you for sharing about her life in this lovely tribute. Remembering you and your family in prayer.

  8. Oh, my friend! How precious your little mother was! What a gift to this world! I know I never met her, but somehow I felt I knew her through your posts and through praying for her. I am so thankful she is resting with Jesus, but I know you miss her so terribly. May God comfort you and hold you close in each moment of grief. Sending much love to you and so thankful you shared this moving tribute about your beautiful Mum.

  9. Oh Diana, I was saddened to read this news about your little Mum's passing. How interesting it was to hear about her life. I know you will never stop missing her as she is now resting in the arms of Jesus. God bless you and comfort you during these difficult days! Hugs and prayers, dear friend. ♥


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