Friday, 20 April 2018

Fluffybum aka Mischief

Back in 2014 I did a post about the wee kittens that a wild mama had been bringing to a neighbours house to be fed. All of them were finally rehoused except the mama and this wee one at the back. I called him Fluffybum. He was a cutie. This year we finally managed to trap the mama, and both of her litters, and she has been desexed, inoculated and is back in the neighbours yard. The kittens are in the process of being rehoused.

Fluffybum, now known as Mischief, is still about. He has been adopted by the neighbours and now only has three legs after being hit by a car while playing on the road. He is quite timid still, but you wouldn't think so he way he is staring me down in this next photo.

A nice late afternoon snap, I thought.


  1. Handsome cat - the evening sunlight makes his coat look rather impressive >^.^<

  2. What a lovely Cat. Love that the neighbours adopted him and look out for the sweet boy. Beautiful photo.
    I am so happy Mama was caught and fixed. Do they ever hang out together ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wow! He turned out to be quite a large and beautiful cat...yes, handsome is a better word. Interesting story. I had an experience with some "feral kittens" one summer, and sadly it didn't turn out so well. I like your story with the happy ending much better. Thank you.

  4. The cat looks like quite a large one.
    The two kittens are so cute.

  5. I love the name fluffy bum!!lol It made me chuckle this morning I am glad he has a new home and caring neighbors.

  6. So wonderful that they have found homes and Momma has been put out of the kitten business! I have adopted many feral cats over the years and some became wonderful companions. Lovely that they have found kindness in this world. x Karen

  7. Oh, what a pretty cat! They are so sweet, even if they are so mischievous! I hope all is well with you and your little mother. Praying for you both!


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