Thursday, 24 March 2016

Out in the paddocks

Driving home through the centre of the island earlier in the week these are some of the things we saw out in the paddocks.

A deer farm, blurred because we were on the move.

Cows, beef I think (not dairy). Again blurred
 a little because we were still on the move.

Sheep, naturally :)

Honey Bees.

Free range chooks.

We also passed free range pigs but I never managed to 

get  a shot of them as I didn't have my camera ready

 and we were on the move, just at the beginning

 of our journey. I don't like to ask my GKB

 to stop on the highway.

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Short posts this week as we are just back
from holiday and I am still in holiday mode.
Keep well, enjoy yourselves whatever you are doing
and I'll see you next week.


  1. Probably safer not to stop on the highway however tempting the photo opportunity might be. I liked the bee hives photo best.

  2. Wonderful to see all that populates the fields there! The deer farm, in particular, fascinates me. It seems so lovely there with all the open countryside.

  3. Diana, I love to see the animals! I've never heard of free range pigs before. I wish one would wander my way.

  4. I have taken my life into my hands stopping on the highway to take a picture! Lots of pretty country that you drove by.

  5. I too take photos from moving vehicles. Some are okay others just trash. I put the camera on landscape mode and it understands that I'm moving. Don't know how it works but good for distant shots, not for close ups when on the move.

  6. Love your header photo Diana! reminds me of some of the photos I've just put up. So enjoyed your Rail Trail post too! well done! And I also think one of the nicest ways to see someone else's part of the world is when you drive about from A - B and take photos (whilst moving or otherwise) Good to know you and your GKB are well and happy.

  7. Such lovely photos! Thank you so much for sharing. I apologize that I haven't been by in a while....I stopped receiving your blogs and all blogs that come from Google. OH, it has been frustrating! But, I am trying to remember to stop by more often. So thankful all is well with you! God bless you today. :)

  8. It is always the way that you see good things to photograph when you are driving and can't stop isn't it! You got some good shots though! xx

  9. I have never seen deer in a pasture Diana! I learn something every day from your blog. Here they are wild and hunters have a chance to bag venison for their freezers in the fall.

  10. It is so frustrating when you see something to take a pic of when you are travelling isn't it? You did a fine job though. By the way I really like your header picture :)

  11. Nice critters along your journey.

  12. Lovely scenery and animals. I wish there were more places to pull over safely to take pictures.

  13. whahahahahaha... blurred because you were on the move. I love that comment.
    Blurry or not they are fun photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. I thoroughly enjoy seeing farm animals in fields, it's just so peaceful in the country.

  15. I thoroughly enjoy seeing farm animals in fields, it's just so peaceful in the country.


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