Thursday, 8 January 2015 why isn't it March yet?

The Christmas tree is down and packed away and everything is beginning to return to normal. 
So why isn't it March yet? It feels like it should be.
 So much has happened this past two weeks I can't believe it is only a fortnight since Christmas.
What on earth is she on about? you may well be asking yourself. 
Well here's a wee look into my past two weeks.... 

at the beach
As you know before Christmas  I was involved
in the church 's Christmas outreach to the community
 and it was a lot of fun. 

Then it was straight into preparations for Christmas day
 as everyone was gathering at our place.
Eldest Grandson arrived on Christmas Eve and we went
 to the evening church service with his sister and my little mother.
One of the ladies there wanted to get a photo of us all together., 
so here it is below.

Caitlin, Andrew, me , little mother
We had a lovely time over Christmas, the weather behaved and the kids,
 big and little,  played outside in the sun. 
We all ate too much and drank just enough and generally had a convivial time.

Christmas puddings
Two days after Christmas my grandson and his partner departed
and I was rushing around getting beds changed and remade 
for my Aunty and her daughter who were arriving to stay the following day.
You see, just two days before Christmas my little mother's sister had died
and we now had a funeral to look forward to. 
This leaves just three sisters out of a family of six siblings.

So as well as getting ready for Christmas 
I was also trying to find another aunty in Australia 
who was in the middle of shifting cities. 
Well not literally, she was the one moving, not the cities.
Old phone disconnected, new one not yet on. 
But when you've got Facebook it's amazing what you can do.
Mission accomplished eventually, thank goodness for technology.

my little mother and her little sister - a bit blurred, sorry
The funeral was a nice gathering of extended family
with a group of cousins all round about the same age. 
So nice in fact that it was decided that maybe we should have a family reunion - 
and because I was the oldest cousin there I could organise it. 
I'm letting that sit for a while and will check back after things have settled down a bit. 
Am I up to it, I think so but with help, otherwise forget it.

a group of cousins
While Aunty was here we went shopping for a 'grandmother of the groom' outfit,
and found a pretty one for her, then after a couple of days they went away back home.

And New year hadn't arrived yet and I have to admit 
I was in bed by about 9:30pm New Years Eve.
No seeing the clock strike midnight for me.

In the meantime my sister had also arrived  
from Australia for a few weeks holiday with our little mother.
She likes a busy holiday, doing stuff
so we went to beach a couple of times with her 
and I went shopping when she bought presents to take back for her grandchildren.
And that is just my side of the family.

Aramoana beach
A nephew and his wife on my GKB's side were also down from the North Island on holiday
and wanted to catch up, so off we went for an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens.
We really did enjoy our day out with them and the kids, 
and my GKB's sister and her husband. 
A fun time all around.

fun riding the train at the gardens
It really has been a busy time and I haven't even mentioned
 that in amongst all that we have also fitted in two hospital appointments.

Which is probably the reason I was sitting in an empty coffee bar 
a couple of days ago looking a bit like a stunned mullet.

So with all that has been happening my question is,
 "Why isn't it March yet?"

Blessings to one and all,

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  1. What a lovely memory-making post Diana. Oh dear girl, it will be March before we turn around again. This year is flying, oh! but we say that every year!
    Did I mention I absolutely love that header photo!!

  2. You really have been super busy! Hope this coming year brings happiness my friend! Hugs, Diane

  3. I love the line..'a funeral to look forward too'...
    They really are wonderful for bringing seldom seen family member together for a bit of catching up and reminiscing.

  4. A lot has happened in your life. So sorry about the passing of your Aunt. The cousins picture is nice. Sad that like most of us that things like this is about the only time us cousins get together. A lot has not gone on here, but I'm counting the days till Spring. lol! My favorite season.

  5. Dearest Diana; OMG!!! How busy you must have been and it seems you ARE the one who are taking care of things. So sorry about your aunt and I agree that we can gather share the feeling at the time like that. Gorgeous and Sweet pictures of you and cousins♡♡♡
    Your cute way of closing this post gave me a little smile, my dear friend. But wishing relaxing and cooler season will come for you soon.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  6. Your beaches look great! It is good to stay busy so now you have to rest till it really is March!!

  7. Hello!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving such a heart felt comment!!
    I need to take back my life and regain my "spirit" after all that i took on after the last 2 years.
    I see that you have been in a similar place and understand....
    Your scenery is beautiful and the beach photos are breath taking!!


  8. Hello dear Diana! You're right, it does feel like it should be March. We have been having Spring-like weather here in the mountains so our snow is melting quickly.

    You have certainy been busy and that seems to make the time fly :) So glad you shared this at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  9. bless your heart, maybe it should be April.

  10. You have been busy. I hope March arrives soon too.


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