Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Do you remember Leo, my friends cat? I transported him to and from
 the cattery while she was in hospital. 

Well I thought I would  give you a little update on him.
He has had a hair cut!

Yes this is the same boy.
You can see he looks quite different with short hair.
But still has the ruff and cute face.

He will feel so much better during the heat of the summer.

These were taken the day after he came home from the vet 
 and I think he was still a little dozy from the anaesthetic. 
I laugh a little when  see him, I can't help it, to me he looks like a 
character out of the Star Wars movies.
(I just can't remember what the little creatures were called).

Have a good week,


  1. Wookies, perchance?? He is a fine looking fellow, Diana!

  2. Leo looks really LOVELY both before and after -:) Yes, may be he is saying thanks for being a bit cooler♡♡♡ I hope your friend is fine, Diana.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Leo is adorable. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  4. So sweet!
    He's looks so comfortable!
    Xo Marissa

  5. Hmm...kind of like I feel after eating dinner...I can barely keep my eyes open :)

  6. Was it *wookies* or something like that?

    1. Yes, I think you and Denise have given me the right answer. I was thinking jabberwocky but that is from Dr Seuss I think. Thanks

  7. He looks like 2 completely different cats!
    Come on over and meet Louie at this week's Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday):

  8. I was going to say Wookies too. : ) What a difference. I kind of like before picture best. His fur looks so soft.

  9. He's quite contented now! Enjoy your evening sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  10. Oh how cute. I didn't know cats could get hair cuts. I wonder if he licks out bits of cut hair when he grooms himself. Yuck.

  11. Hi Diana! Oh, little Leo looks most handsome with his haircut! Really, I think he's cuter with the cut. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Hello Diana! lovely to catch up! I left a (very) long comment earlier today only to lose it when I pressed publish because once again :( my ISP has tossed me off the internet!!
    The Cathedral is stunning! Love that footwear fence - what a conversation stopper. The train journey thrilled me as I used to work on the trains with Qld Rail so any train journey enthralls me. We did one in NZ back in the 90's over a pass. At the same time we visited Lake Tekapo and have very similar photos to the ones you have shared!
    Lovely to see you! (I'm rushing this comment, I'm scared it's going to toss me off again!)

  13. can't stop smiling, he is beautiful


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