Monday, 21 January 2013

where have all the honey bees gone?

can you see the bumblebee near the middle?

Where are all our honey bees? They have disappeared this year. Usually the flowers and bushes above are alive with bees in the Summer but this year not a one. I think I have seen one honey bee and three or four bumblebees. The only good thing about it is that there are no wasps about either.
I guess this will push the price of honey and fruit and veges up in the next 12 months as nothing will be getting pollinated. I read on the internet that this happens occasionally, that the bees just disappear without a trace and no-one seems to be able to explain why. It is quite uncanny to be sitting outside,
 having a coffee, beeless so to speak.

This is the calendar I won last year from
Miyako at Orchids Daily Voice
The photo does not do it justice, it is very pretty with lovely delicate colours and I have it on a shelf in my lounge. Thank you Miyako.

We have had a lot of extended family around during December and January and so it has been a rather social time. Last Friday night we went to Woodhaugh Gardens and had a barbecue and a game of cricket. Well the kids and grandkids played cricket and the four grandparents did what we do best, cheered them on. While they were here three of them celebrated birthdays and another 2 celebrate in early Feb so we hired a small hall and had a combined party for them. Lots of family and friends, lots of fun.

oh dear, we missed a name
 And guess what one of my wonderful daughters gave me for Christmas? A Pohutukawa or New Zealand Christmas Tree. They are very large trees in their natural state but when I rang the garden centre they told me I could grow it in a pot so that is what I am going to do. I hope. I don't have a lot of success with growing living things. Wish me luck, or wish the tree luck really.

Thank goodness for pots - a great solution. I really didn't know where I was going to put it as everywhere I thought of when I looked there were power  lines or it would block the sunlight or shade the neighbours...
and this way if ever we move I can take it with me :D)

Have a wonderful week, 


  1. Scary about the bees. We need them so much.
    So happy you have had lots of good family time.

  2. It's funny you should say that about bees - these was a distinct lack of them here during the summer too. I think it was because our summer wasn't terribly warm last year. It is a bit worrying though isn't it?

  3. Oh my! I'm glitterless and you're beeless! My uncle used to raise bees ( I guess that's what you call it) and they scared me to death! Still do! I know we need them around though. Your barbequing looks yummy and l'm sure the grands had a great time. Good luck with your tree in the pot. I'll bet it will do well. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Oh so sorry about your bees,but that BBQ looks yummy!!!
    We BBQ quite often too, I just love it..
    Your newest follower Marissa.

  5. Dearest Diana,
    First of all, thank you SO much for your kindnesses showing how wonderfully you decorated the calendar♡♡♡ I was really glad to see it, my dear friend♬♬♬
    Oh, I hope not much influence to the harvest like you explained. Bees also have big task, don't they!!! We are experiencing unusual snowfall in Tohoku (northern Japan).
    I really enjoyed your sweet pictures of BBQ and birthday big cake; your angels must have had great time♡♡♡
    I DO wish your New Zealand Christmas Tree will grow healthily♬♬♬ 

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

    ps>So sorry for my belated comment. I have been so tied up and tied, but getting better(^^;)

  6. yes, since we have down sized to a condo we do pots! ha!


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