Saturday, 29 September 2012

Camp Waihola

On a nice mild Friday afternoon recently I packed my overnight bag and drove down to Camp Waihola, well my GKB drove me. We picked up a 12 year old on the way and rendezvoused with the rest of the youth group at the camp, along with
the kids from Balclutha.
kitchen and lodge
My GKB left me there, he is not quite sure what the attraction is in wanting to spend any great length of time with thirty or so young teenagers. He picked me up the next day when I swapped over with one of our other leaders. It is only 20 minutes drive from home so not too far to do the trip twice.
early sunrise
The camp is set in farmland and there is a lake is on the other side of the state highway, which we didn't go to. In the photo above you might be able to see the fog rising from the lake in the distance. (The lake and the highway are hidden behind the hills).
early morning fog
This photo is taken to the right of the one above, more early morning fog, it burnt off very quickly and by the time we'd had breakfast it was a lovely sunny morning
informal game of touch rugby
Some of the kids played a game of touch while they waited for the first organised session to start, while others cleaned up the dining room and did the chores - there's always those chores to do.
I went for a bit of a walk, touch rugby is definitely not my 'thing'.
Past the playground for the little ones - we had some young families with us as well, their parents helped in one way or another.
Past some ponies in the top paddock...

...and in a paddock further down the hill, a very pregnant ewe and another one with triplets,
you can just see the leg of the third one on the other side of her if you look hard...

They all seemed to have more than one baby to look after.
pie fight
We had thirty plus very energetic bigger kids to care for...and one of them, a 2 year old, picked a daisy and gave it to me. No stem , just the flower. Cute.
very blurry daisy.

All in all it was a good weekend and the kids enjoyed themselves. A lot of fun had by all.
I felt great while I was there but as soon as I got home and sat down in my own nice comfortable easy chair I felt extremely tired - I wonder why?


  1. Lovely photos!

    You have more pep, than I! Good for you, my Dear!


  2. Dearest Diana,
    Oh, what a lovely camp you had and I enjoyed the pictures very much♡♡♡
    Your vast nature is really marvelous; did I tell you I was born in the sheep year from the Chinese zodiac, haha.
    I can understand the fatigue after you got relaxed, my fiend in New Zealand.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Hi Diana! Looks like you've had quite an adventure yourself! Love your snaps and what pretty scenery!
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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