Monday, 10 September 2012 like a lion...

Spring has arrived and and contrary to the saying - 'in like a lion and out like a lamb', September arrived with beautiful, balmy weather. But that was just a tease - tonight the elements are roaring against us and snow is forecast to sea level. The lion has arrived!
The wind has battered some of my spring flowers so I picked them and brought them inside, I like them all clumped outside but like them inside as well.
The blossom is out on the trees and the streets around town are looking lovely.
I went out with my camera a couple of times and took photo's. Some on a lovely sunny day...
...and some today as the weather began to change.

You can see the clouds beginning to build up.
I love the blossom trees and don't have a one of my own so I really enjoy this season, short though it is.
And below is a shot of the front coming across the plain from the south. The hill was just disappearing from sight and I reached my gate just as the hail began, it was a race though. Phew.
Goodnight all, enjoy your week :D


  1. Pretty, pretty new Header here!!!! Fitting perfectly, too. :-)

    You certainly took lovely spring shots, before the hail came. Perfect timing. Oh we bloggers are getting so good at our blogging, aren't we? :-) Even watching the weather, to see when will be a good, good, good Photo Op Time! I love it.


  2. Oh, the spring storm!!! Sometimes we have same kind of weather around March. Beautiful shots you showed us today♡♡♡
    I hope you are all doing fine.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. I do enjoy a good storm as long as everyone is safe! it is cool to think of Spring down there and Fall up here--two of my favorite seasons!

  4. It is strange to think of september as being your spring as it is our autumn.
    I love all of the lovely tree blossom too - you have got some wonderful pictures of all of that lovely blossom. :)


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