Monday, 27 February 2012

A 'cluster' of scooters

What do you call half a dozen scooters waiting for their boys to come and ride them? A clutch? A group? A pile? A flock? A herd? I don't know but I think a 'cluster' sounds good.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, rather cool and threatening to rain, I went with a couple of other adults and took our Sunday School boys to the 'dinosaur' park for a couple of hours of 'scootering'. Dinosaur refers to the fact that the slide is in the form of a large dinosaur and boy, do the kids love it. Once upon a time there was also a tearooms decked out like Noah's Ark but that is gone now unfortunately, but there are snake swings and a large whale for climbing over as well as other imaginative climbing stuff and of course the skateboard/scooter/bike course.

We started with a bite of lunch, we bought chips to supplement the lunches the boys had brought with them and we were soon joined by the inevitable gulls on the scavenge. I think they probably got as much of the lunch as the boys ate. Then it was off to the scooter track - oh boy. What fun. Round and round, up hill and down hill, jumps and other stuff that only little boys know how to do.  Challenging each other and doing 'sets' and generally showing off. Real male bonding stuff. It was great seeing them all interacting together.

The youngest two got tired before the others and eventually had us pushing  swings and helping them onto climbing equipment. All in all it was a good afternoon though.

Did I say the girls didn't come? They were going to, they arrived at church with their scooters but in the end opted to go to the 'Party in the park' with their parents and do more girly stuff like face painting and balloon animals and other much more genteel activities. No doubt we'll hear all about it next Sunday.                               

 Wishing you all a wonderful week.                                 


  1. Oh, the days of fun kids!! Love the snap of all the colorful scooters! Hope you have a marvelous week and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. And especially, for telling me (in a comment) that you too remember "The Forsyte Saga" on tv. Yes my Dear, we are *Olden* if we remember seeing the original. -grin-

    How nice that there is a scooter park for children, near you. Lovely. They need a safe place to whizzzzzz along. Roads certainly aren't safe.

    OH NO! You have the awful new Blogger Word Verification Setting on! Making Dear Readers do this awful thing, in order to comment here. Oh please, take that awful setting off...

    There is a movement in Blogging, to not comment on blogs, which have it turned on. But I didn't just not comment. I am doing the awful Word Ver. once, and telling you. In this comment.

    Please consider taking it off, and you will get more comments, betcha.

    Gentle hugs,
    In the upper north east of the US

    1. Hello Auntie,
      Thank you so much for telling me that awful word verification thing was on. If I had been asked I would have sworn it was turned off, I don't like going through that process myself when I want to comment and I certainly didn't intend for anyone to have to use it on my site.
      Thanks for taking the trouble to let me know :)


  3. March 1st

    Dear Diana, Thank you so much for commenting the above, in my blog too.

    Thank you for not getting mad-at-me, for mentioning the awful Blogger Word Ver. Setting. :-)

    Thank you much!!!!!!

    Happy March, from the Northern Hemisphere!

    "The snowdrops are out around the twenty-second."~Gladys Taber

  4. what fun--makes me want to ride one!


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