Saturday, 7 December 2013

Girls day in town

Yesterday I had a day in town with my daughters.
And two of my grand-daughters.
Ooh and I'd better not forget youngest grandson, Danny.
After doing some of our shopping 
we headed to the gardens for lunch.

Pizza in the park
One of the grand-daughters' beau had 
appeared on the scene by this time.
(Isn't it funny how blokes can sense when there's food around).
Although we'd had cold (warm) drinks with lunch
it was such a hot day we decided to head to eldest
grand-daughters' flat for tea and coffee
and a bit of relief from the sun. 
She had just finished decorating her Christmas tree.

pretty blue & silver tree
Her first Christmas tree away from home
 and she is very proud of it.
As she is of her garden.
She has put a lot of work into it.
Of course I went out and looked around 
and encouraged her, she's really keen.

a work in progress

Then after a social half hour or so 
 it was time to head home again.

Enjoy your week,
don't be too busy,



  1. Looks like a lot of fun==especially with the pizza on the grass. Good times!

  2. I am sure the granddaughters had wonderful day with you. Wonderful.

  3. Thank You for stopping by with such nice words :) What a lovely day You must of had .Sounds like the kind of day I enjoy.

  4. I find it hard to imagine Christmas in such hot weather. We're at -30C here in Alberta, Canada, with tons of snow. Looks like you had a lovely picnic in the park with your family.

  5. Dearest Diana;
    Oh, your eldest grand-daughter's blue & silver Christmas tree looks SO gorgeous. It must brighten her heart♡♡♡ Happy for the wonderful day!

    PS> Thank you so much for your kind comment. I wish I could get back to routine from next year(^^;)

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  6. Diana, how fun! looks like you all really enjoyed each others company. love to make special memories like this.

  7. What a fun time this must have been. So wonderful to spend time with the family. :)
    love her pretty blue tree....


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