Sunday, 22 January 2012

one, two, three - thanks

Like Kim at nannykim's place I have
been following Ann Voskamp's1000 gifts principles,
that is to give thanks for 3 things each day for a year.
I meet a friend for lunch every Monday and
 we share our three things for each day of the previous week
with each other, that way we are accountable.
It is fun.
It is quite surprising to see what our separate
interpretations of each days three things is.
Sometimes we are coming at it from a totally different
perspective, but that makes it all the more interesting.
It is a great place to kick off our prayer time together.

Today the first thing to give thanks for was something in the sky and although this photo was
not taken today it is fairly typical of a Taieri sky
 at this time of the year - summer believe it or not.
As our summer sun is really vicious because of the hole in the ozone layer over us, it is great to sometimes have
some cloud cover. And this year our southern farmers are experiencing drought conditions so if the clouds
are a precursor of rain that is even better.
(As long as it falls at night time :)

Secondly we are to give thanks for one thing from my memory.
Well what can I say, I give thanks for my
childhood memories a wonderful time 
spent in the outdoors with cousins and friends
and in an atmosphere of utter well being. (The 50's)
The photo above is one we took when we were back in
 the ol' hometown last year.
These are the memorial gates from outside my
old primary school. The school buildings are long gone
 but the gates were saved and are now at the entrance to  Dixon Park which has a children's playground and
a creek running through it. A real symbol of my childhood.

The picture above is a representation of the third thanks -
one thing that is ugly-beautiful. This is one of the steam punk sculptures we saw in Oamaru near the end of last year.
 I'm not sure about the beautiful part of it but they sure
were ugly. I think they probably emphasised the beauty of the lovely white Oamaru stone on the buildings round about them.

Well that's it. I'm keen to meet up with my friend on
 Monday so we can share God's gifts with each other
 and have a bit of a giggle.

Goodnight all, and have a good week.

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  1. What a wonderful idea to share your thanks with another person in person! I love it--I should do this at my accountability group meeting that meets every week--yup--great idea! I loved the 50's too-it was a cool time to be growing up!


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