Monday, 16 May 2011

of jonquils, roses and snow

Well it has finally happened - the first snowfall of the season. It is only on Maungatua and as far as I am concerned it needn't fall any lower, but it is there. So winter is not far away, I think this is still autumn but it is hard to tell. I have some of next springs bulbs up and flowering already, jonquils which will probably continue to flower all winter, and looking over the neighbours fence at us is a pretty pink rose with some buds beside it. I thought roses came out in the summer...oh well

I have been out in the garden, or what passes for a garden at my place, pulling out some weeds and old dead plants. About a month ago a tomato plant pushed its leaves and flowers up above the dahlias so we let it go to see how high it would grow - far too late for the plants to set any tomatoes of course. It got to a good height, about 4 foot, so we might try a real plant next next year. If something self sown, or sown by a little boy throwing what was left of his tomato into the dahlias, did that well it will be interesting to see what will happen when we put in some plants and lovingly tend them... haha

We have had some gale force winds in the last week and I ended up chasing the GKB's deck chair around the section and had to bring that and a couple of garden ornaments that hadn't found their way into the garden yet, inside and park them in the hallway for a day or so. While looking around the next day I found a solitary jonquil, very tenaciously clinging on to life while bent and growing horizontal to the ground. It is now residing in a little vase of it's own on my kitchen windowsill...a promise of summer to come.  

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